The 7 Week Self-Love Party

 You’re invited to the ‘7 Week Self-Love Party’...a time to celebrate, value and be grateful for our Inner Child Self as we journey from 2023 to 2024. The Christmas season can be a challenging time for many, and the additional stress of the living cost crisis this year has triggered negative habits to raise its impact on self-abandonment or self-neglect in the struggle for survival. So more than ever, self-love and connection to our Inner Child is needed. 

The ‘7 Week Self-Love Party’ is not a self-love challenge, not a quick fix pill for all issues, and most definitely not a tick box task. But it is:

  • A free party that consists of you and your Inner Child Self
  • An invitation to be curious and playful to connect with your Inner Child in a guided journey of exploration across 7 weeks  
  • About spending time with your Inner Child to start befriending, or building a relationship of understanding, trust and love
  • An attempt to continue healing, whilst having the comfort that other like-minded souls are also doing the same at this time

If you feel your self-doubt increasing your insecurities recently, or self-criticism playing a determining role in people pleasing, or negative self-talk getting louder in your mind, or being overwhelmed more often when trying to cope with life...then joining us for these 7 weeks will help bring you more joy, clarity, peace and love.

To play along, make sure you save and follow my Instagram (@mysticatyogi) or alternatively my Blog; 'Walking Divinely in May' the weekly posts will be published on Wednesdays at 1pm (afternoon in U.K time) from 20th December 2023 to 31st January 2024 on these platforms. For those who are not on Instagram, you will still be able to follow the weekly posts on this blog. Once you bookmark this blog or my Instagram, you can even follow the activities in your own time or a different day, just allocate time once a week in your calendar to do it. Talk to me through the comment section to share how you are doing, connect with others, or reach for support. It is free to join, so mark the dates on your calendar now....

!Happy Holidays beautiful souls!

Until the next time,