Divine Stitch Boutique

 'Divine Stitch Boutique' is where you can find my Hand~Embroidered pendants, brooches, hair clips and accessories on ETSY. As I am a self-taught embroiderer, all my hand embroidered items are creatively handmade and often unique one-off pieces. 

There is a saying that 'Embroidery is made by the Heart', because every slow stitch requires full meditative focus and care ensuring a beautiful painting of thread is made without harm. The Handmade process (photos below) of each piece is intricately detailed, and a true labour of love as well as time. From creating the design, sketching it on to fabric, choosing colour scheme, and then stitch by millimetre stitch hand embroidering the design over days....to cutting, mounting and finalising a finish to produce a fully wearable accessory. I aim to create mini works of art that can bring a smile to those who wear it! 

Find a handmade unique piece, or commission a custom made special gift for a loved one here at my Etsy Shop: divinestitchboutique.etsy.com  

Or if you like my work, feel free to follow me on Instagram to see my latest Hand-Embroidered releases: @mysticatyogimay  

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