The 'Qipao Love: All About Qipao' (Cheongsam) series:

My 1930s to 1940s inspired Shanghai girl look with a high collared Qipao....

As a dedicated admirer, lover and collector of the Chinese dress known as the Qipao (Cheongsam) for quite a few years, I realised that it is not an easy dress to wear and at times almost a hidden art all to herself. Deciding to share some of my personal thoughts, style inspiration and knowledge learnt on this unique dress....now, I don't claim to be an expert at all....in a hope that it will be helpful to my readers. So began the 'Qipao Love' series, through the writing of a number of posts dedicated to the Qipao (Cheongsam), hence the 'All About Qipao' completion to the title....and this is what I have managed to cover so far (in an indexed content page kind-of-way to ensure information can be found easier).....

Qipao Love: Part 1 ~ From Qipao to Cheongsam....an evolution of a dress about women!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-1-from-qi-pao-to-cheongsam
Briefly tracing the evolution of the Qipao (Cheongsam) through time, looking at some historical significance and considering why it really is a dress all about the female form....hence the famous and artistic 'wrapped nudity' expression.

Qipao Love: Part 2 ~ The flapper girl in a Qipao who captured the West....Anna May Wong!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-2-flapper-girl-in-qipao
Taking a look at how silent film era Hollywood siren Anna May Wong introduced the Qipao to the West and took the world by storm in becoming one of the most stylish ladies of the time....

Qipao Love: Part 3...my 1920s inspired Qipao look!
*Post Link:  www.walkinginmay.com/looks-qipao-love-part-3my-1920s
My 1920s inspired Qipao look....
Welcoming the new year in 1920s Qipao style....and a little introduction of Greenwich (London). My humble offering of how to inspire a roaring 20s look with a mass produced and easily bought brocade Qipao, because even ready-made and affordable Qipao can be worn elegantly with a Vintage twist!


Qipao Love: Part 4 ~ Tailoring the Qipao....a dress made for the female form!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-4-tailoring-qipao
A dedicated focus on the components of the Qipao, how it is made, difference between Beijing and Shanghai styles....as well as the famous tailors who have spent a lifetime perfecting this dress-making art and a unique club for ladies who love the Qipao known as the 'Shanghai Cheongsam Salon'.

Qipao Love: Part 5 ~ How-To Choose and Wear a Qipao (Cheongsam) that will love your frame!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-5-how-to-choose

My roughly comprehensive Qipao (Cheongsam) 'how-to' guide that aims to help you darlings choose a Qipao that you not only love, but will love your frame back. Includes: 
~How to choose the right size?
~Different components to the Qipao, materials and style detail...
~Where to hunt?
~How to get more wear from the Qipao?
~How to alter it (yourself) to fit you?
~How to care for your Qipao?

Qipao Love: Part 6 ~ In the mood for Qipao....with a Batik 50s twist!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/looks-qipao-love-part-6-in-mood-for
Talking about hair, fabric and the Qipao....giving my Malaysian Batik Qipao from the 'Little Cheongsam Shop' a 1950s bouffant hair-do, looking at a hidden regional Qipao period of time and my own take on a classic look.
My 1950s inspired bouffant (hair) with the Batik Qipao....

Qipao Love: Part 7 ~ When Qipao clad Nancy Kwan became the iconic 60s siren!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-7-when-qipao-clad-nancy
A mini-biography of this Hollywood siren who made the Qipao (Cheongsam) famous in the 1960s....the life, journey and work of a glamorous beauty that is Nancy Kwan.

Qipao Love: Part 8 ~ Qipao on the silver screen....
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-8-qipao-on-silver-screen
Tracing how the Qipao (Cheongsam) took off as a global trend from the influence of 'Love is a Many Splendored Thing' (1955) and 'The World of Suzie Wong' (1960) on the silver screen (film in cinema)....including some less well known movies and recommendations of more recent releases. 
[Source: Youtube - The World of Suzie Wong Trailer]

Qipao Love: Part 9 ~ Getting crafty with a needle and the Qipao....
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-9-getting-crafty
My self-embroidered Qipao.....
Describing my stitching journey in creating my very own floral embroidery on a new Qipao that resembled one worn by Li Ling Ai at the KUKAN premiere in 1941.....and of course wearing it for Chinese New Year!

Qipao Love: Part 10 ~ The modern Cheongsam review....test drive in Singapore!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-10-modern-cheongsam
An illustration of me in the 'Our Bitsy Prints' modern Cheongsam!
Trying out a new modified-every-day-wear version of the Cheongsam by a blogshop called 'Our Bitsy Prints' whilst on holiday in Singapore....take a peek at my review!

Qipao Love: Part 11 ~ The 1930s inspired Shanghai girl...in a 1970s Qipao!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-lovelooks-1930s-inspired-shanghai
1930s inspired Shanghai girl...in a 70s Qipao (Cheongsam)
Inspired by true 1930s Shanghai glamour, I recreated  the decadent socialite look with a Vintage 1970s Qipao (Cheongsam)....which was just in time to attend the Chap Magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball at the Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom (London). Matching with finger waves as well as pearls, faux fur shawl and Vintage needlepoint purse to reflect the mix of Western imports during that era in Shanghai!

Qipao Love: Part 12 ~ May's Chinese New Year 2014...Cheongsam Wish List!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-12-mays-cheongsam-wishlist
A little wish list of some interesting Qipao (Cheongsam) pieces as well as accessories I uncovered on the world wide web when browsing for the upcoming Chinese New Year....definitely some treasures worth discovering!

London Hot-Spot/Qipao Love: Part 13 ~ A sweet spring Qipao in the year of the Horse...Chinese New Year 2014!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/london-hot-spot-qipao-love-part-13-cny
In my new spring Qipao...ready to celebrate Chinese New Year 2014!
Galloping into the year of the Horse, I had my annual Chinese New Year celebrations with friends in two parts...tea at the Vintage Bean Cafe and cocktails at Nola Bar. See the new Qipao (Cheongsam) I wore and read my review of these two lovely London Hot-Spots in the trendy area of Shoreditch!

Review/Qipao Love ~ Part 14: Hats off to 1940s victory...with a happy peek-a-boo of Camden Passage Market!
*Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/review-qipao-love-part-14-hats-off
Taking the Heartbreaker Cheongsam for a spin....
Taking the 'Heartbreaker Cheongsam' for a spin in Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Market (London)...and discovering what makes online store The Happy Cheongsam's design special. Discover what happened and my opinion of this dress....also don't forget my darling readers:

Qipao Love: Part 15 ~ Beehive and Bubble Tea with a Cheongsam...in London's Chinatown!
Sipping on bubble tea....Cafe de Hong Kong, London's Chinatown.
Inspired by how London's Chinatown became established in the 1960s, I dressed in Lark & Peony's Hsi Shih Turquoise Vintage Floral Cheongsam (here) for a bit of Chinese styled Afternoon Tea at Cafe de Hong Kong. It was a bubble fantastic afternoon with two lovely ladies, Rachael and Caroline!

Featured-In/Qipao Love: Part 16 ~ Dazed Vintage Queen no 155...Queens of Vintage & Walking in May EXCLUSIVE!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/featured-inqipao-love-part-16-dazed
Vintage Queen no 155....in the Walking in May EXCLUSIVE by The Lady General!
An amazing week of being named Vintage Queen number 155 by the Queens of Vintage (Vintage Queen) and revealing my very Exclusively unique one piece Cheongsam (Qipao) by the Lady General (Walking in May Exclusive)....as well as a little style competition; winning a feature and Singapore $100 discount at The Lady General!

How-To/Qipao Love: Part 17 ~ How to own a Qipao in your style of elegant perfection?
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/how-toqipao-love-part-17-own-elegant
Your style matters....body confidence matters!
(Qipao custom made by Elegente)
Exploring a bit about what a style of elegant perfection means and how body confidence counts. The Qipao or Cheongsam is also about you;
'What do you want to make the Qipao say about you?' 
'What can you do to make the Qipao yours?' 
Tips and thoughts on creating a style that belongs to you!

Qipao Love: Part 18 ~ Cultural appropriation and the Qipao (Cheongsam)...a matter of opinion?
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-18-cultural-appropriation
A modern Cheongsam in Singapore.....
Discussing cultural appropriation and the Qipao (Cheongsam)....fears or offensive? My thoughts on the matter and some pointers to consider when choosing to wear a traditional or cultural garment from another culture...

Qipao Love: Part 19 ~ 'Cheongsam Tea' with Sakura Haruka in Singapore!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-19-cheongsam-tea
At The Dispensary cafe in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.
An afternoon of tea, cake and Cheongsam with Ai from Sakura Haruka at The Dispensary in Tiong Bahru, Singapore....where vintage gems make an appearance in this 1930s neighbourhood.

Qipao Love: Part 20 ~ Vintage in the East....how to create a vintage look with the Cheongsam!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-20-vintage-in-easthow-to
Going from the 1930s to the 1960s, my tips and suggestions on dressing for the different decades with a few examples!

Featured-In/Qipao Love: Part 21 ~ My Vintage Wardrobe...on UK fashion website My Daily!
Post Link: /www.walkinginmay.com/featured-inqipao-love-part-21
Feature Link: www.mydaily.co.uk/my-vintage-wardrobe-may-loh-blogger

Being interviewed by UK fashion website My Daily for a feature in their vintage section was a lovely experience. Find out my vintage and Qipao (Cheongsam) tips disclosed during the interview as well as see the roll of photos in their gallery taken by their lovely photographer Sarah....plus I also made a video on styling tips for the Cheongsam! 

Qipao Love: Part 22 ~ Chinese New Year Cheongsam Wishlist ...of the Sheep (Goat) 2015!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-22-chinese-new-year
A review of some interesting Cheongsam (Qipao) designs available to the run up of Chinese New year. Based purely on design....clearly stating what I have 'Tried & Tested' previously or not.

Qipao Love: Part 23 ~ Vintage inspired 1950s hairstyle How-To for Qipao or Cheongsam...during Chinese New Year!
Post Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-23-vintage-inspired

Keeping a promise for my very first vintage inspired hair tutorial video , as a result of fundraising for the charity Shine Walk in 2014....see how to do this easy and fun 1950s hairstyle (with a special appearance by BouBou the cat!)

Qipao Love: Part 24 ~#CheongsamConfidence at Franklin Tree for Chinese New Year 2015....eat, drink & dress!
Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-24-cheongsamconfidence
Starting Chinese New Year 2015 with my little body positivity Qipao campaign called #CheongsamConfidence and setting intentions for the year ahead...with festive foods, vintage market and what I wore....

Qipao Love: Part 25 ~ What to wear to a Chinese wedding Tea Ceremony?
Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-25-what-to-wear-wedding-tea
As the elder sister of the Bride and one of the Bridesmaids, see what I chose to wear to her traditional Chinese wedding Tea Ceremony in Singapore and why? Also tips on what to wear for a wedding Tea Ceremony if you happen to be a guest.....

Qipao Love: Part 26 ~ Qipao entry in the Guinness World Record & the Chinese Qipao Society!
Link: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-26-qipao-world-record
Find out how thosands of women around the world came together on a Global Qipao Day and made it a Guinness World Record....

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