LookS: Sophia's wedding at Lenoxlove House!

Edinburgh City
The wedding weekend in Edinburgh began with my journey on the Wear It Pink Day and my good friend Sophia got married at Lennoxlove House, in the outskirts of Edinburgh and more towards East Lothian, the day after. Sitting on a bench watching the autumn colours of leaves and trees, I found Edinburgh to be a beautiful city with a great deal of calmness and serenity. There seemed to be a romantic spell dancing in the air as lovers with intertwined hands strolled past glowing with affection for each other in this lovely Scottish city.

But having lived in London most of my life, it was the first time I ventured into Scotland and realised once more, that....you can take the girl out of London, but you can't take London out of the girl! It began when I sat on a plane full of people wrapped up in woolly jumpers and brown flat hiking shoes........I looked down at my almond-toed bright purple suede heels and full length pink maxi dress, and I started to weigh the number of pretty things against the casual woolly jumper I have in my red faux croc hand lugage tote. Then my mind began to reason: The purpose of the trip was for a wedding after all, and Edinburgh was to be only one or two degrees colder than London when I checked the weather forecast......plus my packing was done quite last minute. Conclusion: This London girl is going to have an adventure in Nessie's magical homeland!!
Lenoxlove House, East Lothian.

Stephane & Sophia
And a lovely adventure we did have! Being very unprepared, and it really is my own fault for not making enough time to look things up properly before the trip, we gradually arrived at Edinburgh Airport to find that our Bed&Breakfast was actually a working farm more than an hour outside of Edinburgh. Armed with only two pairs of heels as footwear, which are not that useful when it comes to grass or cows that may not like the colour pink, and embracing the shuttle > 1hour bus > taxi = journey, I knew the fun had begun! The B&B and its vast surrounding green land reminded me of being in a romantic Jane Austen novel, but at the same time I was slightly worried by the lack of neighbouring houses....especially when the B&B owners told us that the front door is never locked and my usually trust worthy blackberry could not find even a bit of network signal. Dramatic as it may sound, I have actually been in much worst conditions as I have faced snow, sleet, ice, rocks, a team member's panic attack and being lost in total darkness on the Mount Dachstein expedition.....which almost ended in a helicopter rescue. But yet there I was in Nessieland, holding up my blackberry on tip toes and waving it around in the air in hope of a signal so that I can text my family to let them know I arrived safely. I didn't get a signal but I did sit down, let out a laugh and say; "We are really in the middle of nowhere aren't we?" My friend Ana was so amused she could not help but laugh at my surprised expression. There was no television and the small radiator in our comparatively bigger room was cold......but a 90s cassette player with built in radio and a mini rack of paperbacks took a prominent spot on a chest of drawers.....which was quite retro. It was more the fact that we were actually in Scotland, my expectation of the UK as a very developed country by global standards, and the payment for a £80 per night room, which could buy a few simple dinners in Asia or save a few lives in Africa, that fed into my surprised reaction. But realising how a non-tech savvy person like me has become so reliant on daily technology and the usual comforts such as heating in a developed country, made me think.
At the Wedding breakfast...

Getting ready at the B&B.

B&B's warm living room.

Time for bed!
The next day was full of excitement, as we could not wait to see Sophia's secret wedding dress, which she had kept under wraps until the moment she walked into the Chapel! Plus getting dressed for a wedding is always good fun! Sophia's wedding was utterly fabulous....from the lovely multi-lingual ceremony and beautiful dress to the entertaining magician.....and really fun dancing! Most of all, it was a pleasure to see Sophia beam with joy and love on her special day......I wish Sophia and Stephane a great many many years of happiness to come!

Until the next time,
May xx
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Earrings: Accessorize
Clutch: Asos
Eye liner: Clinique Quickliner-Blue Grey


  1. The B&B looks so cosy! That's a lovely dress you're wearing and I love your make up! xx

  2. Nice outfit for the wedding!!! Edinburgh is an amazing city!

  3. It seemed like a lovely event!
    P.S.: that little kitten on my last sunday post, is not mine, is just a random pic from the internet :3.
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  4. everything and everyone looks beautiful .
    and loved ur dress.


  5. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments!
    @BeautyBee=I tend to be a lazy minimalist when it comes to make up as I really like red lipstick...so only paired with eyeliner. Glad you like it! :)
    @WhiteList=Agreed as Edinburgh was very pretty!
    @Karen=It was a beautiful event! :)

  6. wow, what wonderful pictures. you looks so pretty. i love merriages. so a wonderful atmosphere. thanks for your super sweet comment. yes, our neighourhood is amazing, we live next to the forest and next to a area with many horses :)
    it's wonderful for walking and making pictures.
    if you like, we can follow each other?
    i'm following you now, hope you'll do the same for me?!
    lovely greets and a wonderful day.
    maren anita


  7. wow what an amazing place for a wedding, so beautiful! i like your blue dress, you look super cute! following you :)



  8. love it!


  9. Wow, great post! You look amazing! Weddings are always so beautiful!
    i'm following you now, it would be great if you follow back!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments!! x


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