My fabulously pink 60s....and the One Lovely Blog Award!

The high street has been filled with an abundance of pretty pastels and sweet candy pinks since I am very honoured to receive the fabulously pink 'One Lovely Blog Award' from the sweet Karen at shinigami-u-openingmymind ...I decided that it should be a lovely pink post! In acceptance of this award, I am required to disclose some facts about here they are:
  1. I must confess I am a very girly girl and have a deep appreciation for pretty pink other words, I do love pink!
  2. I do try to eat healthy, mind you not in the stick to salad munching way, but I find simple guilty foodie pleasures such as tea, cakes, crisps, butter and bread very hard to resist!
  3. My love for vintage began when I found a long 1970s styled maxi dress belonging to my mum and a little white cardigan I wore when I was a mere I began wearing the vintage maxi dress at 15 years of age and have kept the little cardigan till now!
  4. I am actually terrified of clowns, the Thunderbirds and certain doll-like puppets......perhaps not the most rational of phobias! A few years ago, I was in a shopping centre in Asia when I saw a man in a clown costume and painted face handing out balloons, I panicked and my first instinct was to turn around so I could run away. The clown looked at me as I grabbed the arm of my over 6foot tall basketball playing cousin with all my might to pull him on an escape route, then smiled and started following us up the escalators. Realising there was no escape on the cramped escalator I hid behind my tall cousin as the clown walked up towards my dismay the clown looked and let out a loud chuckle as he passed me! 
  5. My all time favourite books are 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen and 'Sky Burial' by Xin Ran.
  6. My favourite actress has been Sandra Bullock since I saw her in 'Speed' all those years ago, and my favourite actor is Colin Firth........he quite literally had me swooning with love in the BBC's adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice'.....and don't even get me started on 'Bridget Jones'! 
  7. I may love shoes and have too many pairs, but I have never managed the challenge of a pair of heels higher than 4inches!
  8. My favourite gem stone is actually a crystal called Blue Topaz because I believe crystals are creatures of energy, whilst the translucent blue reminds me of the calmness water embodies and the beauty of the ever changing sea.
  9. One of my most awkward moments was when I suddenly got stage fright whilst performing 'The Boulevard of Broken Dreams' as a duet with my sister in a school talent competition at the age of 17......we were practicing for weeks, but when a girl in the audience started giggling my body froze up like an ice cube, my voice weakened and I continued singing with my eyes stuck to the floor. (The video below is from the film 'Moulin Rouge' 1934.)
  10. My favourite quote is "The unexamined life is not worth living" by Socrates!
Being excited in getting this pink award, I actually began thinking about the 7 required facts but somehow ended up writing 10 facts about myself, so I hope you don't mind......I can be so absent minded sometimes! But I definitely had fun in writing this post and reading all the wonderful blogs out there! Now, the next part is to pass the 'One Lovely Blog Award' on to these darling lovely bloggers:
Also in line with the lovely pink theme of this award, I decided to post some photos of a pink vintage 1960s inspired look I did when I had my massive beehive.....I hope you don't mind that there are more beehive looks to come! Partly because I loved the massive beehive so much that I had to take full advantage of it, as I don't usually run around with a beehive....and the other part was because I really wanted to show how versatile and timeless vintage hairstyles can be! So this is my 'Fabulously Pink Sweet 60s' look and I hope you will like it!

From Karen at OpeningMyMind (March2012)
~'The Fabulously Pink Sweet 60s'~ 

The lovely Vintage button detail.....

The pretty Vintage peacock brooch.....

Top: Pink Vest-like Knitted Jumper with button detail and open front (Vintage)
Trousers: Deep Purplish Cropped Trousers in Floral Circle Print (Vintage)
Accessories: Beaded Multi-coloured Headband, 
Peacock Brooch and White Floral Enameled Hair-slide (Vintage)
Shoes: Biscuit Tin booties by Clarks

Sweet Pink 60s...........vintage look!
Last but not least, a little catch-up on what I have been up to recently! I will be joining my ballet class in our end of term show this Sunday, so I have been doing a little bit of practice and a lot of thinking on a ballerina inspired look! Hopefully I will come up with a nice look and be able to get some photos taken during the event. Have a fabulously lovely and sweet weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx
PS: Apologies to anyone who has seen the unfinished version of this post and been confused as to what had happened.....I was simply too sleepy when I pressed the publish button rather than the save button!

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  1. I love the flowered hairpin, and the 60s looks so good on you. I wish my hair was as long as yours so I could do the Brigitte Bardot look...patience and I will get there (fingers crossed).

  2. Wow wow wow, your hair is amazing. ♥ all the pics and your blog ;)

    xo-Chelise from

  3. hi May,

    i gotta say i really love your take on vintage and how your style really envelopes both a bygone era and the modern compliment. not to mention how completely charming BouBou is! i have a real soft spot for orange kittehs and he's a little marvel!!! congrats on the award, so deserved. really enjoyed reading through your facts, helps me to get to know you a big bunch.

    and that footer of yours...the walking dance - brilliant! i read your words over a few times in hopes they would infuse permanently into my every cell.

    such a fun and fashionable group of friends you have, aren't they a bunch of sweethearts! and my gosh, you have a smile that is a glitterbomb of glory. beautiful inside and out, as i can totally tell by the comment you left me.

    thank you for visiting but girl please don't say the words "nothing to boast about" again when referencing your space. your blog is lovely and a reflection of the passions within, it rocks total!! i am super sorry for taking my time-out so literally and not responding sooner. after receiving your comment, which was heartwarming to read, i really should have at least sent you something back right away. thank you for the kindness and for being so understanding about my motion towards dropping the veil down a bit more to expose "things". i am hanging in and on - your feedback + prop ups were sweet solace!!! ♥

    pea ess: clowns make my skin crawl! totally with you on that one ; ) thinking about pink, however, does a 180 and i'm all happy again. awesome post!

    1. For this heartfelt and amazingly sweet comment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart Lynn. I am so glad that you like the Walking Dance! You have made the effort I put into my blog meaningful and worthwhile. You have an amazing ability to touch through your writing, so I really hope you will continue to blog and enrich the blog sphere with your passion! I thank you once again!
      May x

  4. That's a lovely Q&A about you! I know a few people who are fearful of clowns, I think we carry more with us from our childhood experiences than we like to think!

    Congrats on your blogger award :-)

  5. you look so gorgeous dear, love your shoes ! <3

  6. really lovely blog you look beautiful :)Id really like if you would checked my blog out...maybe follow? :)x

  7. that part about the clown was pretty freaky! can understand why u hate them. I hate since i caught the show 'IT" very long time. U can say ive been traumatised since then..

    btw Ur hair is SO SO LONG!!! U look almost like Amy winehouse :) take tt as a compliment.

    Much love,

  8. Loving the length of your hair! Great knit top too! Very unique!!
    Vintage Collar Necklace Giveaway

  9. Congrats on the award! Great post :)

  10. Congrats on the award, and thanks for passing it onto me! I will definitely post about this when I get the chance :)

    1. Thank you sweety! And you are most welcome! :)
      May x

  11. Hello lovely lady! Thank you so much for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I have been so busy lately that I've completely neglected my blogging and replying to you! I love the pink knitwear, and those accessories are wonderful! xxx


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