How-To: Wedding Season and Fancy to wear a fascinator!

Hello my darlings! As some of you may know....I love dressing up and this week I have been thinking about the fascinator look as I shall be attending Polly's wedding next week! It is often said that a woman's hair is her crowning glory, so what better way to frame your crowning glory than with a sensual and feminine fascinator! The fascinator has been a long favourite at weddings and formal parties as well as events such as the Ascots (probably despite the ban!), and as the wedding season has begun their presence is well felt in quite a few shops on the high street. But what is it about the fascinator that does not allow me to just plonk it on my head and make it look right with whatever frock I put on? I have found that wearing a fascinator, like wearing a beautifully decorated hat, requires thought, planning and preparation to ensure a good match to your selected outfit structure, make-up balance, hair style, co-ordinating colour shade and face proportions! Also where the focus point will be in the whole look or what features to highlight seem important to think about I tend to place less importance on wearing the fascinator on the traditional right side of the head near to the hair parting to hide the roots of the hair. So a little research was in order, and as a fan of fascinators, more so than hats as you might remember me sporting a navy fascinator at Sophia's wedding last year, I set out to find inspiration with a likable wedding shade that is purple this time.....which meant that I had already selected a purple dress and purple fascinator, so the rest of the work that remains is about matching the accessories and how to wear the fascinator to create my own desired look. So let's get started with some inspirational photos on how to wear a fascinator that I have found whilst ploughing through the internet for ideas:

Dita Von Teese with a big flower fascinator hiding her hair parting and roots.

Victoria Beckham is technically wearing a hat....but the way it is positioned and angled really works well !

Besides the style, colour and material of the fascinator, the fixture would be something to consider next.....would you prefer a hairband, comb or clip attachment? Personally I prefer the comb fascinators as they allow more freedom in terms of movement, placement and creativity in hair hairbands tend to be too constricting and give me a headache afterwards.

Then the next thing to consider is the placement location and what feature I would want to draw attention to as a point of focus that will work with my whole look....hope that makes sense! If you are yet to decide on what type of fascinator may be best for you and want to wear one, then these articles with some helpful tips on how to wear and ensure your fascinator sits securely or stays on might be helpful:

Getting ready for Sophia's Wedding in Edinburgh last comb fascinator with an up-do! 
[For more photos of my fascinator look at Sophia's Wedding last year, click here:]

Without giving away too much, I can reveal that I shall be wearing a purple comb fascinator for Polly's wedding next week......and there shall be pin curls! Hopefully I shall achieve the look I have so far vaguely sketched in my mind and be able to show you some decent photos of my purple fascinator look next week! Also some other postings to catch up on! Have a fabulous week ahead my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx
PS: Most of the photos have been borrowed from other sources on the web.

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