An international occasion in Oswestry......Polly and Paul's Wedding!

With the beautiful Bride.....Polly!
When humans of twelve different nations gathered at a sleepy village called Oswestry in the quiet English countryside for Polly and Paul's wedding, it was nothing short of the remarkable fact that a small party reflective of a United Nations gathering made it across lands as well as seas to celebrate the special day of a lovely couple. I must admit that I have not been to Oswestry or Gobowen before and  found it not to be the easiest place to get to with my lacking sense of direction....but as ever a mini adventure is always welcomed in the crazy world of May! And I am happy to report there were no real accidents to worry about and friends akin to guardian angels were never too far away throughout the whole mini all was blissfully well! It was a beautifully sunny day for a church wedding, and as the bells chimed merrily in the warm breeze I felt as though I was transported back into the scene of an old film where the cast sung in all jolliness to the ditty of 'Get me to the Church on time'! The difference being both the Bride and Groom were very punctual and no pints of larger or tophats were involved at all.....even the priest commented on how punctual the Bride was! Everything was orderly as it should be, but most of all, the people who mattered were present and the newlyweds beamed with joy. The lovely day ended with lots of dancing on the dance floor and a sea of happy smiles from all the guests!

Here comes the beautiful Bride......

The happy Bride and Groom.....Polly and Paul!

Confetti time.....

The beautiful Bride and her girls!  ^_^

**So here is to Polly and Paul........Congratulations! 
May you be blissfully happy together in the many many years to come! 
Hip Hip Hurrah!**

Now for a closer look at how I wore my purple comb fascinator with my purple Pippa Dee (at Dorothy Perkins) dress! Having done an up-do last time I wore a blue fascinator, I decided to leave my hair down in some curls this time and secured the purple comb fascinator on the left side of my head with three pin curls surrounding I managed to hide my floppy ears! Matched with my short faux fur coat, simple black satin-like clutch and favourite black suede shoes with gold triangles that reminded me of the Art Deco style....I was utterly ready to attend Polly and Paul's fabulous wedding!

All dressed and ready to attend the wedding!

Somehow felt this photo should be in black and white......

Closer look at the Pin Curls........

Closer look at my purple comb fascinator......
[For more on 'How-To' wear a gorgeous Fascinator, click here: 

I hope this post has been useful in inspiring your own look to attend any weddings this summer or to wear a fascinator.....and hopefully we will have more sunshine soon! Since getting back to London I have been kept occupied by a family graduation and catching up with friends.....also a new look and hairdo which will be in the next post!  I shall also be going to see a production by a Korean Ballet Company at the Peacock Theater in London this Thursday! Have a fabulous week my darlings....and keep those sunny smiles shining!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. How wonderfully, beautifully special! I always feel fortunate to get so wedding photos and share in the couple's happy day in spirit (albeit after the fact).

    I adore the hats that you gals were sporting - we need to pick up on the fancy-hats-at-wedding tradition here in Canada, too.

    Wishing you a gorgeous week ahead, dear gal,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love all the gorgeous fascinators - so fun! Yours is especially unique. ;-)


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