How-To: Dress to the 1960s groove....taking the AW12 mini trend for a spin!

Twiggy in the 1960s

Whether you prefer a short cropped bob or a chic beehive with long full locks, you are likely to have worn the Mini at least once.....albeit Mini-Dress or Mini-Skirt.....just like you are likely to have heard about the 60s Beattlemania frenzy or seen an iconic 60s photograph of Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton somewhere. Even as a self-confessed fan of the roaring 20s, I can not claim to utterly resist the charms of the 60s as it was a period of revival of the celebration of fun youthfulness and appreciation of the less curvy boyish figure. As the AW12 catwalks litters with the groovy 60s vibe, there are just so many lovely gems to be tempted by and not much excuse to not try some groovy chicness! Take a quick look and hopefully it will inspire your own groovy spin on the hot 60s look this season! After all, it was another period of liberated hemlines, though it rose even higher up than in the 20s.....but there is much to be admired in the 1960s!

The Mini
Matalan: Sleeveless Ponte Dress

John Lewis: HOBBS Eddie Dress (Black/Camel)

ASOS: Mango Colour Block Dress

Dorothy Perkins: Mustard Shift Zip Dress

Other 60s Gems

Matalan: Jacquard Shell Blouse

Matalan: Dogtooth Legging

Clarks: Deva Dolly in Natural Snake

Clarks: Balcony Scene in Teal Suede

Clarks: Kelda Deva in Black Combi 

Clarks: Mighty Mocha in Taupe Snake

The trendy Carnaby Street in the 1960s.....
As I prepare to take off to America tomorrow for 3weeks, my suitcase has been inspired by the 60s groovy-ness......and perhaps a few 60s inspired holiday looks will follow soon (travel internet permitting)! I must admit that I have been tempted by the provocative 60s hemline one time or another, but I just love the devilish flick of eyeliner and proudly dramatic beehive! What part of the 60s do you love my darlings?

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Fabulous Post!!!!!!
    I love everything about the 60's the fashion and the music, when I first got obsessed by vintage it was the 60's I turned to short skirts and lots of eyeliner, I have now gone more towards the maxi skirt side of the 60's fashion, though I still wear just as much eyeliner!

    Have an amazing trip stateside my Lovely, I am sure its going to be amazing, oh and make sure you soak up some sun for me :) xxx

    1. Thank you my dear! America was really warm and sunny! Also I am sure you will look amazing in a 60s mini dress as well as a maxi! And I must say you wear your eyeliner really well too! xx

  2. oh May, this is total mod magic!!! i love the looks you've been posting and are being influenced by. times may change and fashion develops almost by the second but certain elements like the ever cool mini makes my heart skip to a happy beat too :)

    awesome assortments to get everyone in just the right mood for some hip shimmy action! and i can't forget to send along massive thanks for visiting me - i'm really sorry for my late comeback :( life + things haven't left me a whole lot of spare moments lately but glad to come here today (night!) and check out your goodness. the London Olympic recap looked amazing. you're so lucky to have experienced that, you looked so cute in the photos!! cheers to a fab weekend, i hope all is swell + swish. ♥

    1. Thank you my lovely! I am glad to see you doing well and smiling! Your blog is just absolutely fabulous!! Keep smiling!
      May xx

  3. Hello May! Yes it's a good selection..I loved your post, it reminds me of my mum when she was young,she was a fashion victim and I keep some of her garments!:)


    1. Thank you so much for the Blog Bug Award my lovely! And how lucky that you have kept those treasured 60s pieces!
      May xx

  4. Great post about the 60's style!
    Follow you now and it would be great if you follow me too!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  5. U will walk out looking stylish just like the 60's for sure. I believe you have got what it takes babe.No doubt abt that. Love what you do here.


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