Trend-Alert: Mod the 1960s inspired look.....grooving into a pencil skirt with the AW12 trend (part one)!

From racy Minis to sweet Mary Janes and chic flat pilgrim pumps, the 60s trend is back on the highstreet in a highly groovy way! Cue the sharp Italian suits and provocative pencil will know that the Mods do well groomed chic in all its sexiness like no other! 'Mad Men' has already been the ongoing proof of how saucy a pencil skirt can be....transforming boyish figures into curves that turn heads, and hugging the fuller female form in luscious lines that drive male passer-by can you not love a pencil skirt? Perhaps it is the way the pencil skirt makes you walk in constricted steps that throws out a little teasing wiggle of the hips at every point, or is it the way the pencil skirt makes you hold yourself up to perform graceful lady-like posture drills to unknown audiences all around you, but there is just something about the pencil skirt. As a devoted lover of the pencil skirt myself, I find the beautiful temptation a hard one to resist......of course I will always need a new pencil skirt for whatever reason whether you fancy the crazy dogtooth print or sexy monochrome style, it is time to have a peek at what 60s treats are out there...especially with Christmas almost just round the corner. Go on my darlings...take a look at what gems I have found on the net so far, as it might just help inspire your very own twist to the 1960s Mod look....and yes, I am biased in thinking the pencil skirt just spells utter class under almost every circumstance.

Fashion Union: Blue Dogtooth Midi Skirt

Topshop: Quilted Pencil Skirt by Boutique

John Lewis: CC Colour Block Pencil Skirt
Zalando: Love Moschino Pencil Skirt

Flannels Fashion: Temperley London Lace Ariel Pencil Skirt

Jean Shrimpton in a Mary Quant dress by John French for the Sunday Times.
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I must apologise for the long delay in posts and replying comments, as I have been jumping from Lemsip pills to sachets for the past week, so experiencing a mixture of wooziness, tiredness and writer's block because of a cold that refuses to leave me sane! Good news is, I believe Mr Cold is soon to leave and, I shall be jetting off for a marvelous three week adventure in America with my mum and sister next week! Besides jumping with joy that I will be able to visit some family I have not seen for years, I also intend to do a Part Two post on how to take advantage of the 60s trend with more high street pieces....and I also hope to be able to do a Part Three post on my very own 60s look equipped with a beehive! It's going to be tricky with travels and time on the clash, but hopefully I will please do stay posted my darlings and have a fabulously groovy week!

Until the next time,
♥ May xx

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