Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of sunshine pie.....a Floridian beach and shopping in New Jersey!

Candy floss clouds?
Flying on a plane became an important part of out America trip as we made our way to the different states forming a triangle over the vastness of America, but looking out the plane window to see the different hues of blue when we were up high filled me with a mixed sense of awe and contentment every time. There is just something about seeing the world from so high up.....and this part of the journey was between New Jersey and Florida. We took the local budget air carrier Southwest Airline from Philadelphia Airport, and the night before we flew I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are one of the very few budget airlines to offer a free check-in service for a maximum of two bags or travel cases. This part of the trip was mainly to spend time with family in New Jersey as well as Florida, but rest assured.....there are still some useful bits to share with you lovely darlings!

Florida.....the sunshine state!
One of the places we went to in Florida that I really need to mention is Honeymoon Island State Park in the cute town of Dunedin. As some of you who have been following may know that one of my close girlfriends Bee moved to America last year, and she settled in it was the perfect time to catch up with Bee over a long afternoon on the beach of Honeymoon Island! Honeymoon Island began life as a visitor's destination in pre-war 1940s as a small piece of tropical paradise for 200 newly wed couples to spend their fresh new days being smitten with each other in small beach huts facing the sea. The 50 huts lined accross the beach were literally simple wooden shelters without plumbing or electricity, but the given names such as 'Lovey', 'Dovey', 'Love Nest' and 'Love Birds' made it a memorable experience for many couples. The 200 honeymoon couples were the lucky ones who won a promotional contest that was glamorously advertised on a national magazine, even though they had to pay for their own travel expenses as well as food and had to qualify under the strict rule of being married for less than two weeks, it was still a romantic experience. But when the war came and Pear Habor was hit, Honeymoon Island's fate became less like the vision it was meant to be and by the 1970s it became part of the state park system. [Source:] Today it has become a popular venue for beach wedding ceremonies and day-outs at the beach for locals! It was a good choice as the weather was really hot, the sea water was clean and the sand looked nicely fluffed out like a giant beige carpet. After a lovely afternoon on the beach, we drove 10 minutes down to Dunedin town for a bite to eat. If you would like to visit or want to find out more about Honeymoon Island State Park, please click on the link:
Honeymoon Island in the 1940s (Dunedin, Florida).

A couple enjoying their honeymoon cottage on Honeymoon Island in the 1940s (Dunedin, Florida).

Back in 2012 at the Honeymoon Cafe.....

Bee and me!

Jess in her retro swimsuit.....

With Bee on Honeymoon Island beach.....

Honeymoon Island beach!

New Jersey.....the shopper's treasure trove!
One of the best things to do in New Jersey is definitely shopping, whether you are a designer label fan or a thrift store hunter, you are likely to find something of a bargain to take home. One of the things I could not get use to was the constant calculation of tax or tip whenever it came to paying for something in America, as many of you might know maths is definitely not one of my strengths and I am far too spoilt in always following price tags.....unless I am bargaining in a market somewhere as that would be a completely different matter and most likely a topic for a different post. So I did enjoy shopping more when it was less complicated and I only had to remember a simple rule; necessities such as food, clothes and shoes are tax free in the state of New Jersey!  So this is what I have discovered from my shopping excursions....American brands that Brits are likely to find a few bargains from, after the exchange rate in the clothes and shoes tax free haven of New Jersey, include Mini Tonka, Nine West, Clinique and Chinese Laundry. Also outlets such as Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx are definitely worth a rummage if you happen to be a fan of designer labels! Other things worth a try shall be little food treats.....from fluffy giant pancakes, chewy dough pretzels, sweet butter popcorn, pretzel centred M&Ms, salt water taffy, strawberry Philadelphia spread with bagel and peanut butter coated pretzel biscuits!
Enticed by American pretzels......couldn't get enough of them!

Discovering ballerina statues made me miss my ballet class......

A real wooden American home! ^_^

Bag collection at a thrift store in New Jersey.....

Cadbury tins at the thrift store.....
With our tummies filled with all sorts of naughty treats from fast food variations to pretzels, our suitcase packed with a bounty of shopping, and hearts warmed with lots of hugs as well as memories from my aunties, uncles and cousins in America, we were ready to go home. And so concludes our American trip this time.....I hope you have enjoyed the journey too. In other news.......'Walking In May' now has a Facebook Page.....and I aim to keep it updated more frequently with some Vintage inspiration as well as some craft project I am trying my hands on, so please do take a moment to 'Like' the page:
Thank you so much and have a fabulous weekend my lovely darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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My America trip napkin.....charting the triangle of a journey we have taken this time!


  1. I love the vintage pictures - looks like you're having a fabulous trip! ;-)

    1. Glad you like them sweety! We had a fun time indeed! :) Have a fabulous Sunday!
      May x

  2. honeymoon island beach looks beautiful! i love shopping in new york but i do miss the big american malls with huge stores like target and tj maxx so new jersey sounds kinda perfect for a shopping fix that is a bit cheaper than manhattan! xox

    1. Definitely worth a shopping trip.....especially if you have a car as the train tickets can be pricey! New York is brilliant for shopping too I am sure! :)
      May x

  3. Your blog and travel adventures are both such a joy. You know something, though our borders touch, I've never actually been to the States. It's not that uncommon for folks from either Canada or the US to have not visited one another's respective country, but it is a bit strange as I've been to (and even lived for a couple of years in) Europe multiple times, but haven't yet headed south of the 49th. One of these days for sure - if only for a day trip. I'm 28 years old and it really is high time I say a bit of America first hand, I think! :)

    Thank you very much for your beautiful comment on my summer vs winter post this weekend. I'm very much looking forward Christmas and all the festivities of winter, too. In fact, I think I'm more in love with winter this year than I ever have been before.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You are most welcome my dear and I'm glad you enjoyed my posts! It is always lovely to drop by at your blog! America and Canada are just stretched across so much land that I can imagine it must take quite a while even to fly across by plane, but I am sure when you will have fun taking a few day trips across the border one of these days! :) I shall look forward to your winter posts!
      May xx

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    1. Welcome to 'Walking in May' my dear, and thank you for the lovely follow! I am glad you like this post and will definitely drop by your blog soon!
      May x


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