Put a red nose on it...and fly high for Blighty!

Details from a 1940s uniform...BA.
Hello my lovely darlings! You might be a little surprised as my weekly post is quite early this week, but there is a special reason for it and I hope your week is off to a flying start anyway! Friday 15th March 2013 was 'Red Nose Day' and I was contacted by British Airway's (BA) marketing agency who hoped that I can help spread the word about their new project "Flying Start" which is raising funds for the charity Comic Relief. (Just in case you might be wondering....no, this is not a sponsored post and no pennies were exchanged...but of course if you would like to donate all the pennies at the bottom of your sofa or lose change in your pocket to Comic Relief I would be more than happy to urge you on!)
Grooving in the 1970s uniform....BA.

The stripes and tartans breaking through in the 1980s....BA.
Those of you who live in the UK are likely to know about Comic Relief...a charity that has been working to improve the lives of impoverished or disadvantaged children in the UK as well as abroad. For some like myself, it is probably best remembered for 'Red Nose Day'...when the school canteen would be filled with bake sales offering goodies like cakes or cookies and everyone bought a red nose or had face paint of some sort....all in the name of raising funds for charity. I just love the idea that children are fundraising to help other children, as it really fits in with Comic Relief's vision of teaching the helped how to fish rather than just giving them an outright portion of fish...more importantly I really do believe that knowledge and skills are the only true solution to poverty.
[Find out more about Comic Relief here: www.rednoseday.com]

From the pretty 1950s to the rocking 1960s....BA.

The full collection of vintage uniforms at the BA Fashion Show...did you spot the pretty paper dress?

So I am glad to spread the news on this special new project between Comic Relief and British Airways...in the hope that every child will have a 'Flying Start' to life, whether she is a child on living rough the street or he is a young carer looking after an ill family member. Having attracted names such as Alexandra Burke, Gok Wan, One Direction and Kim Wilde...from the '50 Years of Flair' fashion show parading the vintage collection of BA uniforms from the 1940s to 1980s (see photos from 'Fashion Through the Age of Aviation Show'), to a Guinness World Record for the highest gig in the sky...the 'Flying Start' seems like one project us Brits can be proud to support! Whether you are walking on the high street or flying on a British Airways flight this week, please please please do give any amount you can or buy a red nose and be a part of a child's flying start to life!
[Find out more about 'Flying Start' here: www.ba-flyingstart.com/about]

It's over and out from me for now....but if you would like to see more photos on the gorgeous vintage BA uniforms through the years then do follow on to the gallery on this link: www.britishairways.com/travel/heritage-uniforms
Have a fabulous week my lovely darlings...and don't forget to put your red noses on!

Until the next time,
May xx

*Note: None of the photos in this particular post belong to me, as they are from British Airways and the Flying Start project.

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British Airways BEA 1954 - 1960