Deco Dolls doing the Gatsby...part one of my Birthday celebrations at the Candlelight Club!

Candlelight, gangsters and Art Deco inspiration......
Happy Bank Holiday my lovely darlings! As this shall be a photo intensive post, I shall try my best not to waffle on too much....but the one absolute thing I must say is that I highly recommend the 'Candlelight Club'! For those in the know, or might have heard whiffs of whispers on one of London's most popular vintage nights, the Candlelight Club would be a candle lit event to look forward to every fortnight. A different 1920s theme and a different secret location every time....with the purchase of the ticket you will be guaranteed a name on the guest list and sent an email with the secret location a few days before the event. And getting there was every bit as exciting as we imagined....not even including the fact that we were running late and I quick marched down a busy London street in a floor length velvet dress, black suede shoes as well as oversized grey faux fur coat with the backdrop of pouring rain, brollies and grey pavement puddles. Arriving in the rain on a discreet street behind Angel station we saw a gold horse head sculpture above a semi-circular big black stable door, with only the Candlelight Club logo flanking either sides of the smaller rectangular opening. Stepping through mysteriously to check our names against the guest list, I noticed a fire lit lantern, a dapper group of gentlemen in their braces and hats right before we raced through the cobbled courtyard and into the party venue. No doubt without the beautifully dressed hostess in a chiffon embellished number and the glow of the many candles that lit up the big room in a beautiful golden hue...the steel pillars, simple grey cement floor and crass ceiling would look like an old warehouse rather than a gallery of art. But that is exactly what is magical about the Candlelight Club, aptly named because every venue is lit entirely by candles....and hence allowing photos to be captured with the gloriously beautiful golden hue (which is very evident in this post I might add)!

Our complete 1920s the Candlelight Club's Great Gatsby night!

A dapper group...I must say!

The lovely Rachael and  me...with a slight captured candlelight!

Some posing had to take place....after the weeks of preparation for the night!

And some signature pouting with the beautiful Naoko in teal chiffon and pearls....after a glass of champagne I suspect!

My beautiful Deco Dolls Rachael and Naoko in the glorious golden glow of candlelight!

In the midst of finishing some yummy scallop and fries, I just had to capture a photo of the beautiful Yerka and Naoko!

The beautiful Yerka in a stunning Flapper styled dress with a low back and detailed embellishments....looking every bit the Daisy Buchana!

Here's a little visual taster and recommendation of the Candlelight Club from

[To find out more about the Candlelight Club, take a look at their website: or Facebook page:]

The brilliant all singing and tapping Jazz band, the Top the Candlelight Club's Great Gatsby party!

So proud of our Deco Doll Rachael who won the 'Best Dressed Lady' title of the well deserved as she had made her headband as well as gorgeous dress from a lovely Deco inspired fabric in an authentic drop waist style!

The beautiful Rachael in the stunning Deco inspired dress she made, which was matched  with glitzy brogues, feather, pearls and pretty Kimono jacket...utterly 1920s in every sense!  

Merry with the champagne and taking a rest from all the flapping on the dance floor....mind you we did do the bees knees too!

With my stunning the Candlelight Club's Great Gatsby night!

The utterly beautiful Yerka and me......
 As some of you darlings who have been following might know, last year my Birthday outfit was a 1920s flapper inspired mini number in navy blue chiffon and detailed embellishment. When I do make the effort to dress in vintage style, I often think along the lines of.....what would I wear if I truly did live in that particular this case it is my favourite decade, the 1920s! I won't go into the massive rant of why I love the 1920s as you darlings have probably heard more than enough about it....but this time I was inspired by the long sweeping evening gowns that marked the decadent era of glitz, glamour, jazz bands, Art Deco and bootleg liquor. It was certainly true that most of the 1920s dress hemlines had see-sawed to different heights and it did remain at knee length for the famous Flapper period for a short while, but most of the era was still governed in below the knee Deco-like floaty hankerchief hems or sweeping floor length frocks. Besides a wealth of luxurious fabrics and beads to play with, there were also the lowering of V-like necklines and the emergence of the naughty lower bare back. Since I had to admit I was not getting any younger as indeed one does add a year to every birthday, I decided to bravely move away from the Flapper girl outfits I had worn previously and planned to wear the never-before-worn floor length navy blue velvet bare back Asos dress I had hanging in my closet unworn for a little while (with tags still attached). I decided to set my hair in finger waves the night before and adorn a style of pin-curls around a bun at the nape of my neck with a simple gem-like hair clip. I must admit I was almost entirely dressed in Asos quite by accident, as the gem tassled long gold necklace was also from Asos....and perhaps my bad shopaholic habit of spotting vintage styled items on Asos needs professional help of some sort, but that could be a matter for an entirely different post! Anyway, please do take a peek at the photos and see what you think.....

By candlelight at the Candlelight Club!

Saved by candlelight...which seems to generously forgive all blurring imperfections!

Smiling by candlelight.....


May at the Candlelight Club....with a Deco inspired 1920s look.....for a Vintage Birthday celebration with friends!
[To catch up on my vintage themed 1920s Birthday last year at the Black Cotton Club, please click here:

Hopefully I have managed to honour the Great Gatsby in a little bit of Deco style and truth from the glorious 1920s! The Candlelight Club is definitely worthy of a smashing ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely hearts and a must try if you ever fancy dressing up to the 1920s for glamorous night out in London! As I eagerly wait for the hype to die down, dutifully ignoring all reviews of the movie so far, I am hoping to catch the Great Gatsby in cinema the week after! As this coming week I shall be off to a little adventure with my girl Judita in, hopefully sunny, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) for a few days....and there is still part two of my birthday celebrations at the Great Gatsby ballet to reveal! Here's wishing all you lovely darlings an utterly fabulous long weekend!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Wow May !! You and your chums obviously know how to have a great time, you all look stunning, but your velvet dress of slinky loveliness steals the show!!! I hope you have a glorious time in Spain and that the sunshines constantly for you! xxx

    1. You are always so sweet my dear...thank you! Spain was a mixture of sun and cloud so not too bad at all. Your victory garden is looking so lovely!
      May xx

  2. Darling gal, you look show-stoppingly spectacular! The roaring 20s suit you to a tee, and I can sense the attention to period appropriate detail that you put into your ensemble (much like you, I often find myself giving plenty of thought to what a woman of whatever decade/era I'm dressing from would have worn - it's important to do this sometimes, as it pays such a hommage to the days gone by that we adore and try to emulate the most).

    I'm so happy you had a stellar birthday celebration - I really hope the rest of your year is every bit as a marvelous, too!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you my are too kind in your praises. I love the 1920s and really wanted to be true to the period even if I was wearing vintage inspired. I had a wonderful time...the best of the sort when it is with a fabulous group of friends!
      May xx

  3. omg that velvet dress is to die for darling! i can´t come over how absolutely stunning you look in it! so glamourous and beautiful! the back is just wow!
    lots of love and kisses,mary

    1. Oh thank you thank lovely! And you always look stunning in those lovely dresses you have made...such talent!
      May xx

  4. Looks like it was a fun and glamorous birthday party!!! Happy belated birthday to you, May!!! I got to say, you looked absolutely stunning and gorge in that backless dress!!! It's sexy without trying too hard, yet oh soo elegant;)and what a pretty long golden necklace to go with the outfit, perfecto!!! I also love your friend Yerka's flapper dress, such a gorge color with beautiful embellishments:)

    I was just gonna ask if you will watch the Great Gatsby and then i read that you plan to watch it, lol...i am excited about the movie too!!! Hope you have a fab time with your mate in Spain!!! It's sooo hot in HK now, 33 degrees over the past weekend, think i might get a heat stroke anytime,lol...

    Take care for now darling!:D


    1. Thank you so much Cinz my dear! I am sure Yerka will bashfully say thank you too! In fact I am finally going to watch the Great Gatsby with her tonight!
      May xx

  5. The Candlelight Club sounds and looks like an absolute dream! The idea of a nightclub popping up in a different location each time it opens in so charming, and the 1920s theme only adds to that charm! You look absolutely gorgeous in your long velvet dress. Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

    1. Thank you my was utterly lovely! We had so much fun dancing and the jazz band was brilliant! You must try the Candlelight Club next time you visit!
      May xx

  6. Indeed one of those nights to rem forever in your heart. U look all elegantly and really stunning in that low back dress. Hope you had the best time.

    1. Thank you my lovely! Well done for all the great magazine and artistic features lately....also for encouraging others to do good...a worthy campaign!
      May xx


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