Feature: 'Hey Doll' Vintage Magazine....takes a roar back to the 1920s Far East!

Apologies my darlings...with the busy week of my birthday celebrations, this post is far overdue! Remember just a few posts back I mentioned that there was something very exciting I couldn't tell you yet? Well....it was an article that I wrote for the fabulous 'Hey Doll!' Vintage Magazine...that was just published recently!! I am so excited I could barely hold my breath, as I have been a diligent reader since the very first issue, and this published feature really does mean a lot to me. As some of you darlings may already know, I have a love of the 1920s and have been writing about it for some time....so when I heard that the next issue would be devoted to the 1920s and all things Gatsby I knew I had to give it a go! As what I wanted to write about offered a glimpse into a topic that is not often thought about or rarely mentioned in other 1920s focused media sources, I really didn't think it would get published! Also I submitted the article quite near the deadline and couldn't find that many great photos to go with it...so I was ready for the worst. So when the lovely ladies Bunny and Brittany, who run this brilliant magazine with such passion, confirmed that it will indeed be published...I still had to wait till it was actually published to believe it was all real! The article I wrote is called 'The Roaring East' and you can find it on page 57 of this fabulous digital magazine...so please do take a peek and let me know what you think:

[Please click on the embedded Issue 4 below, the 'Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine' button on the side bar or use this link: glossi.com/vavoomvintage/4619-issue-four-may-1920s-gatsby]

What did you darlings think about my article on the Roaring Far East? Hopefully you darlings liked it, and if you have been following the Walking In May Facebook page...you darlings might have also caught a sneak peek of my birthday look for the Great Gatsby themed, 1920s focused, Candlelight Club! [To catch up on Walking In May's Facebook Page, please click here: www.facebook.com/walkinginmay.blog] Last but not least, as I rush off to plan my Birthday posts which will reveal all at the Candlelight Club as well as the Great Gatsby ballet by the Northern Ballet company...plus reply to all your lovely comment and catch up with some blog reading, I shall leave you with this great Youtube video of the Far East in the Roaring Twenties:

*YouTube video link to the 'Far East in the Roaring Twenties':

Have a fabulously roaring weekend my lovely darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx
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  1. Sorry for being so behind in my blog reading I have only just seen this!! Oh May its is wonderful, your way with words (as always) is fabulous! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and at the Candlelight Club, how fabulous, I am sure you were as glamourous as ever! xx I hope you and Bou Bou have a great weekend! xx


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