The Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet....part 2 of Birthday celebrations!

The Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet....Sadlers Wells Theater, London (May 2013).

Hello my lovely darlings! Continuing on part two of my Birthday shenanigans, where we went to see a special ballet....I thought I would do a mini review of the brilliant 'Great Gatsby' ballet production! With all the spotlights focused on the extravagant movie, I was also excited to find a different version of 'The Great Gatsby' by the Northern Ballet Company last month at Sadler's Wells theater near Angel (London). Captivated by the beautiful costumes shown on the promotional photographs and promises of Jazz as well as the bees knees Charleston, I was determined to make it part of my celebrations....thankfully my lovely girlies were happy to go along too!

Naoko and me...

Therese and me...

Yerka and me...

My beautiful girlies and me...

My beauties!

At the Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet Company (May 2013)!

Following usual theater etiquette, we were unable to take photographs of the ballet itself, but during the interval I made use of the time to capture a few lovely shots with my beautiful girlies! Unlike the newly released movie, 'The Great Gatsby' ballet has remained quite devotedly true to F. Scott Fitzgerald's book and references were brought alive in the form of dance rather than speech. [To find out more about the plot or the book, please click on the link:] The moonlight scene where Jay Gatsby danced in reminiscence of his past with a young Daisy under the faraway gaze of the small green light was performed beautifully. The short appearance of Daisy's daughter to reflect the strained relationship her parents had...although the girl happened to be slighter older than described in the book...or even the lady who served Nick in his humble abode was part of the detail. It was really impressive how the dancing really did bring out the emotions as well as the personalities of the characters, leaving no questions as to who was who or what was happening throughout the whole story. As I think of it now, other scenes that vividly float back into mind are the ones where Daisy attended a party with Tom in New York....and George's longing for his wife Myrtle when she takes off for a night in town. Then there were the amazing costumes...the purple sequined hankerchief hem and the simple light blue chiffon number were simply beautiful...demonstrating the level of detail that went into the whole production. Also the expressiveness by the dancers were not just limited to dance, as you could clearly see and feel the emotions on their faces too. Finally, the surprising scene where the silent dancers suddenly broke out in song with the brilliant orchestra strumming out hot Jazz was absolutely brilliant and added to the wonders of the golden Jazz Age. The Great Gatsby ballet was quite simply brilliant, and left us in such awe that we could not stop praising it!

[As the Northern Ballet Company happens to be touring the UK, you can find out more about the production here:]

At home with BouBou on the actual day....

Unwrapping pressies......and wearing my new pearl necklace!
If the Great Gatsby ballet happens to stop by at a city near make sure you try to catch it utterly deserves an outstanding 4 ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely hearts recommendation from me! Also, I thought I would add a few photographs at home with my favourite tulips, Lola's red velvet cake and pressies from my family! I hope you have enjoyed the posts on my birthday this I most certainly had a marvelous time, which somehow cushions the blow of getting a year older. As the sun begins to creep into London bringing hopes of Summer, I hope you lovely darlings are having an utterly fabulous start to the week!

Until the next time,
May xx

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The Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet (UK).


  1. What a thoroughly fantastic way to spend part of your birthday, dear gal! I love the ballet so much, too (I always wanted to take lessons as a child, but alas, it never happened - one of my early childhood bedrooms was, however, ballet themed complete with a border of adorable ballerina teddy bears).

    Your kitty is so wonderfully cute! My cat (Stella, a grey tabby) is on my legs as I type this, and she sends a big hello from Canada to dear BouBou.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. oh i can see you had a really great birthday!!! i wish you all the best! may all your dreams come true! you look so happy and beautiful! and that ballet must be wonderful to see;)
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous production, and you write about it so beautifully it brings it to life, and makes me long to go and see it myself. Oh you and your lovely girlies and of course BouBou all look utterly adorable as always! I hope you and BouBou have the most lovely weekend xxxxx

  4. happiest (belated) birthday wishes May!!! all the celebrations look amazing. i was in awe of everyone's Gatsby outfits...especially your stunning, long + lean silhouette!! i hope that ballet comes to our town, i'd snap up tickets in a hot sec. you always share the most positive and fun outings. makes me smile! cheers to the weekend!! ♥


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