Qipao Love: Part 10 ~ The modern Cheongsam review...test drive in Singapore!

'Our Bitsy Prints' modern everyday Cheongsam!
As promised my darling readers the new Qipao (or Cheongsam) surprise I have been banging on about is finally ready to be revealed....and the 'Qipao Love (All about Qipao)' series is back for another season! In the run up to the coming Chinese New Year many who are celebrating or catering for the festival will start to turn their minds to the preparations ahead. For me it includes thinking about the annual new addition towards my Qipao collection following the 'new clothes in the new year' tradition....so when Chelsey from 'Our Bitsy Prints' contacted me about their new everyday Cheongsam venture I was keenly intrigued. Going through the 'Our Bitsy Print' blog page to try to select one single dress for a review was no easy task, as I was tempted by the many vibrant and pretty prints available in my size. So in the end I decided to leave the choice up to Chelsey and arranged for the dress to be sent to Singapore, where I would be dropping by to visit my sister and as part of our family adventure this year.

[Please note: This post on the modern Cheongsam can be considered a sponsored post because I have received the dress for free and did not purchase it.]

In the courtyard of my sister's home in Singapore....

'Our Bitsy Prints' modern Cheongsam: Details of the beautiful floral lining and cute buttons.

'Our  Bitsy Prints' modern Cheongsam: Detail of the inner lining and hem.
Taking some photos in the square courtyard of my sister's home in Singapore was the perfect start, as the building had actually been built during the 1930s which meant a brilliant vintage location with preserved features, and 'Our Bitsy Prints' signature 'Cupcakes and Butterflies' modern Cheongsam had inspired a 50s feel within me. For an adamant lover of the traditional Qipao dress, I must admit I had doubts as to whether I would really like the modern version. Though after looking at the innate detail that has been put into the design as well as make of the dress I am certainly impressed. The make of the modern Cheongsam by 'Our Bitsy Prints' felt like a high quality handmade dress that has been finished lovingly, and the fact that the two ladies behind the label had designed the dresses themselves makes it a unique product that you are unlikely to find on the high street stores or mass produced factories.

Not only is the cupcakes and butterflies print cute in a kitsch kind of way, the material of Japanese imported linen on the top half is actually good in quality and allows a certain degree of firmness in the all-important standing collar of the Qipao. I also liked the snap button opening on one side across the chest, which is another original feature of the traditional Qipao. Though the traditional defining features of the Qipao stops at the waistline, I was pleasantly surprised to find the absolutely beautiful floral lining in a silken-like fabric added to the dress' likeability.....and the swooshing 50s inspired flared out skirt with pleats made it delightful. All in all it is a charming dress that can be worn to almost all occasions, making it suited to the freedom of everyday life and a good choice for those who shy away from the mature look or constricting nature of the traditional Qipao.  

[To find out more or visit 'Our Bitsy Prints' Blog Shop, click here: www.ourbitsyprints.com]

A test drive of 'Our Bitsy Prints' modern Cheongsam (Qipao) on a day out at Gardens of the Bay, Singapore.

And in Singapore's Chinatown....

In Singapore's Chinatown where lanterns for the Mid-Autumn Festival lined the streets.....
So wearing the modern Cheongsam with my vintage inspired twist of style on a day out to visit the sights of Singapore became a fun and lovely experience...which I shall disclose in further posts. In the meantime if you should want to find out more about the modern Cheongsam or what is coming up in their new collection, please do stop by at 'Our Bitsy Prints' Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OurBitsyPrints

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More the reason to consider the modern Cheongsam from 'Our Bitsy Prints' [Link] for the upcoming Chinese New Year or even as a pretty party piece.....now I shall have to dash for a little weekend in Paris with the girlies. Have an absolutely fabulous weekend my darling readers!

Until the next time,
May xx

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