Travel-Bug Tales: Part 3 in Berlin....from the bubble-gummed Berlin wall to the 1920s spiced Savoy!

Welcome back my darling readers....I trust you have all had a lovely  September so far! Having just returned from my almost 3 weeks trip in Asia, I am a little aloof with time and slightly dazed between please do bear with me if I start to ramble on. But I must say it is good to be back in lovely ol' there simply is no place like home! Now, continuing with the travelling theme and to complete the last leg of my Berlin adventure some weeks ago, here is Part 3....a mixture of our last two days in Berlin.

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Having visited the UNESCO listed Museum Island the day before...wandering through the vintage stalls by the river, seeing the religious sculptures at the Bode Museum and admiring the breath taking Nerfertiti's Bust at the Egyptian filled Neues had been an insightful day (Part 2). So the next must-do item on my list was the Berlin Wall, which meant we headed towards Bahnhof Potsdamer station by bus in search for what remained and soaked in the early city zoom along the way. Witnessing what remains of the Berlin Wall lined up in an open exhibit right next to the station, we followed the somber crossing towards the famous arch of Brandenburg Gate and passed the concrete memorial blocks with fleeting thoughts in between our steps.
The remains of the graffiti-ed gum plastered Berlin Wall....
The once Berlin Wall....
Crossing towards the Brandenburg arch....Berlin.
Reaching the arch of Brandenburg Gate...Berlin

Besides the must-see spots around Berlin, there are also several eating options that I can thoroughly recommend......
(1) Seerose
First stop for a spot of lunch is the vegetarian buffet restaurant 'Seerose' in the trendy district of Kreuzberg. Stumbling on to Seerose by chance as we passed through, we were captured by the sight of locals grazing their colourful plates on a sunny pavement....looking up at the idea of a vegetarian buffet, we were instantly intrigued. Exploring further we realised it was not a buffet in the normal sense, though food was laid out at the counter you actually had to pick a combination to be heated or dished in order create a meal set. Though vegetarian, the food was tasty, fresh and colourful....not to mention the fresh concoction of blended my case carrot juice with a dash of something....was deserving-ly yummy. One for the health conscious....details below:
Vegetarisches Büfett Seerose
Mehringdamm 47,
10961 Berlin.
[To find out more about the vegetarian restaurant Seerose, click here:]
My vegetarian lunch at Seerose, Kreuzberg, Berlin....
Winney tucking in to her lunch at Seerose, Berlin....

(2) Sy
The second spot to recommend for a yummy dinner is the Vietnamese mixed sushi restaurant called 'Sy' within the shopping area of Charlottenberg. Now having a bit of a soft spot for Oriental cuisine anyway and liking sushi quite a lot, we both found Sy to be rather much so that we returned for a second dinner the day after. It is by no means your strictly traditional sushi restaurant found in Japan, as the variety from several Californian looking rolls to the invented sushi pizza and and mouth watering shark roll (which is really not from a shark at all, but probably named so for the inner crunchiness they managed to somehow create within the roll) is really something of a dream. Sipping on a refreshingly squeezed lime juice and taking mouthfuls of sushi whilst watching the world pass by made us almost much so that I very nearly devised a plan to set Winney up with a rather dashing gentleman sitting at an opposite table....and I promise that no alcohol had been involved. In all seriousness and idealistic visions, do try the delicious Sy if you happen to be in Charlottenberg....details below:
Sy Restaurant (Charlottenburg)
Kantstr. 54
10625 Berlin
[To find out more about Vietnamese sushi restaurant Sy, click here:]
Left to Right: Californian roll, Shark roll (actually just fish) and 'Sy' in Charlottenberg, Berlin.
Also not to forget the yummy Vietnamese pho at Sy, Berlin.

Still being utterly dreamy on food, we decided to have an after dinner drink at the beautiful wood pannelled cigar room at the Savoy Berlin where we were staying. Feigning sophistication as we gayly waltzed into the cigar room, the waitress proceeded to ask what we would like to have and since not having tried beer whilst on German grounds we decided it was the best thing to order. Enquiring about the flavours of German beer (as I had hoped for some form of beer that was not bitter), the waitress gave two recommendations which we took. Little did we know our facade of sophistication was to be eroded further....when two giant glasses decorated with cartoons and filled with colourful frothy liquid of red as well as green arrived in front of us! Sitting amongst a circle of men puffing on cigars we sucked the colourfully sweet flavoured beer resembling the aqua-pop of our youths, and watched on as the truly sophisticated men were escorted to the locked cigar vault to pick a tin or two of cigars to accompany bottles of wine as well as water. Nevertheless May being May meant that we had a marvelous time laughing the night away with our colourful beer and admiring the signed photographs of stars gone by on the wall behind us.    
Our colourful German the Savoy Berlin.
The cigar room  and cigar vault at the Savoy Berlin....
Signed famous photos on the wall of the cigar room....the Savoy Berlin.
Winney and me at the Savoy Berlin's sophisticated cigar room....
The mini exhibition from the Jewish Museum at the Savoy Berlin entrance.....
The 1920s decor of grand marbel and glitzy crystal chandeliers at the Savoy Berlin......

As though continuing the child-like theme we visited the Berlin Zoo nearby on the next day, making it our final stop before the airport. Not having done our research and believing we would be able to see either the polar bear or panda at the Berlin Zoo, we went through a trail of what must have been at least 15 different species of monkeys.....and then left for the obligatory McDonald's ice cream cone! All in all Berlin was certainly a varied experience and we had collected memories to keep for some years to come.
Arriving at the Berlin Zoo....
Matching wardrobes with a fellow mammal at Berlin Zoo....
A giraffe family at Berlin Zoo.
Hopefully you lovely darlings will have enjoyed this post and my apologies for it being late because of recent travels. Still to come shall be something new linked to the Qipao or Cheongsam as well as my latest Asia trip....until then have a fabulously lovely weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. I love Berlin!!! Great photos, looks like you had a nice time :)

  2. I hope I can visit Berlin again. It was the first city I ever visited out of Portugal 13 years ago!


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