May's Christmas Wish List...2013!

As we run towards the end of 2013 and welcome Christmas on this rather cold winter day, my thoughts have started wandering towards the year ahead. This not only means adding to my Qipao (Cheongsam) collection for Chinese New this particular instance, it also dawned on me that I should make a list of dreamy goals as well as things to look forward to in 2014, because one of my girlies suggested that we take a trip to the seaside to make a wish in the new year. Never really been one to create a long list of resolutions and rarely ever making a wish list on my blog, I have been inspired to do a bit more this time. And what better way for a little shopaholic like me to become more positive about the year ahead but through a special Christmas Wish List of things I have fallen in love with and will want to get....if the penny saving plan permits in the coming year that is! So here are the 13 items (since Walking In May's blog anniversary is on 13th December and it is still 2013) on my Christmas Wish List (in no particular order):

1. Wool Qipao (Cheongsam - Chinese Evening Dress)
by Cozy Lady Wear (Online Shop)
Wool Qipao (Cheongsam) for winter by Cozy Lady Wear
With the current windy winter chills and remembering February frosty moment in London, I would love an ultra warm wool Qipao that is both stylishly chic and utterly unfussy. Though I would probably style this piece differently...and the old dear in me may be nodding towards a pair of cosy tights. It will be brilliant for practical day to day life as well as glamorous occasions....which also means staying warm whilst looking glamorous!

2. Li Cheongsam
by Lady General (E-store)
Since discovering the Lady General, a new online store specialising in Qipao or Cheongsam with unique designs...I have fallen in love with quite a few of their pieces! One in particular is the gorgeous Li Cheongsam, which has a full vintage 50s style midi length circle skirt with a clean cut mandarin collar, lovely navy sheen to the purple fabric and sash to take in the waistline. What is especially creative about this Cheongsam is how they have managed to make the usual darting in the midriff a pretty design how can you not love the beautiful Li!

3. Velvet Cheongsam Dress
by Tara Starlet (Online Shop)
Velvet Cheongsam Dress by Tara Starlet
Must admit that I am yet to have a red Cheongsam (Qipao) in my collection, as being the traditional Chinese bridal and celebratory colour has made me approach it with some caution, but the simple cutting and rather Westernised peek-a-boo detail has taken the edge off a traditional feel. In fact it feels more like a sociable Christmas party dress that is both fun and glamorous...of course also warm enough for winter with the soft velvet material.

4. Pin Up Double Lilac Orchid Hair Flower
by Sophisticated Lady Accessories (Etsy)
Pin Up Double Lilac Orchid Hair Flower by Sophisticated Lady Accessories
Photo: Damona Art  &  Model: Acid Doll
One of the nicest things about vintage style has to be the prettiness of flowers. More often than not, you might find flowers printed on a beautiful dress or be able to match a vintage hairstyle with fabric flower clips...which I saw quite a lot of at the Chap's ball. So I just need some lovely lilac orchids to add to my collection!

5. Amber Crystal Honey Bee Jewel Vintage Style Earrings
by Red Truck Designs (Etsy)
Amber Crystal Honey Bee Jewel Vintage Style Earrings by Red Truck Designs
Aren't these honey bee earrings just the darling? Ever so pretty, and they somehow remind me of the famed Egyptian trend in the 1920s....which I think will be just perfect with a vintage styled 1920s to 1930s elegant evening dress.

6. Delicious Apple Bag
by Ollie & Nic 
Delicious Apple Bag by Ollie & Nic
Now this Delicious Apple Bag is almost crunchy enough to eat....with pretty rattan-like detail that can inspire a Tiki dream. More importantly it is so cutely kitsch that it should match any floral 50s full skirted day dress perfectly, and even the (above) Li Cheongsam!

7. Winter Cotton Long Cheongsam
by Momo/Rock Roll Refresh (Etsy)
Winter Cotton Long Cheongsam in red polka-dots by Rock Roll Refresh
As you darlings may know, I have love the Qipao quite furiously but there are still days when I wish I could don a simple one and not need to schedule a hand washing day. So this cute red polka-dot cotton long length Cheongsam is just the ticket, especially for winter warmth, and much more washing machine friendly on a handwash cycle than luxurious silks or brocade.....which could end up as a wardrobe staple amongst my Qipao collection!

8. Pearl Art Deco Muti-strand Vintage Style Necklace
by Vinstyle Designs (Etsy)
Pearl Art Deco Multi-strand Vintage Style Necklace by Vinstyle Designs
Being a fan of pearls and often matching them to a vintage inspire look, I was really caught with a moment of thought when I saw this listing for a Art Deco inspired pearl necklace.....which dress shall I match it with now? So this could very well be an investment piece that goes with even a Downton Abbey inspired outfit!

9. Violet Romance Classic Cheongsam
by Sissae (Online Shop)
Violet Romance Classic Cheongsam by Sissae
I have found the 1960s beehive actually to be a practical vintage hairstyle to wear and must admit I have quite a few A-lined shift dresses above the knee....though not as mini as it used to be, in order to cover some modesty as I age. But I am yet to have a 60s inspired violet romance Cheongsam in such glorious embroidered detail of a shiny taffeta silk background.....oh, Santa baby!

10. Silk Classic Cheongsam
by Missey Pixie Boutique (Online Shop)
Silk Classic Cheongsam by Missey Pixie Boutique
Seeing the floral print of this green silk Cheongsam made me think of a beautiful vintage curtain my grandmother could have had...or one print that I would like to keep in any form, so more the better it happens to appear as my favourite type of dress. This would make the prettiest addition for a spring Qipao....pretty piece!

11. Oriental Pink Peony Hair Comb
by Mindangel (Etsy)
Oriental Pink Peony Hair Comb by Mindangel
I absolutely love this Oriental Pink Peony Hair Comb.....not only is it a very pretty pink, the peony flower and chasing butterfly is just the perfect match to many a Qipao or Cheongsam! Traditionally peonies represent nobility, flourishing fortunes and good luck....whilst butterflies are often linked to love and happiness, so they are often embroidered on to Chinese dresses as a way of symbolism. And of course....I just happen have the perfect peony embroidered Qipao to go with this dress!

12. Vintage 60s Blue & Yellow Cheongsam
by Starving Dog Vintage (Etsy)
Vintage 60s Blue & Yellow Cheongsam by Starving Dog Vintage
Having seen my recent photoshoot with Caroline, and the 70s Qipao, you can probably guess my thoughts. Yes my darlings, I would also love to get my hands on this 1960s handmade Cheongsam found on start altering it to fit me! As the stunning yellow swirls on the shiny sky blue background is just mesmerising and with the right fitting, I could imagine a 'Mad Men' party ahead.

13. Connie Patent Bag
by Collectif
Connie Patent Bag by Collectif
The glorious red on Collectif's Connie Patent Bag is just a siren for arm candy.....and the gold rose looking kiss lock clasp seems to be beckoning me to adopt it sooner rather than later. And so far, I must say I don't have a vintage styled red patent handbag!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Well...that's my lucky 13 Christmas Wish List, and you darlings might have caught on to a pattern or two....yes, my love for the Qipao (Cheongsam) as Chinese New Year is a little more than a month away, the festive Christmassy red and staying warm from the recent cold London weather! As those who are lovers of this Chinese dress might know that it was once typical to have Qipao (Cheongsam) made in different materials depending on the weather. Wool, velvet, padded cotton or flocked linen are all practical choices for winter Qipao, especially when longer sleeves or midi-like ankle length is added to the dress. As it is indeed Christmas's wishing all you lovely darling readers a very very Merry Christmas!

Until the next time,
May xx

PS: Don't forget today is the final day to enter the 1920s inspired Great Gatsby GIVEAWAY! [here]

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  1. May, this was a beautiful post! I love the 13 things you came up with. Those dresses are exquisite and that apple bag is so adorable. I love Chinese customs & traditions. I usually take this time to reflect on the New Year also. Preparing my house, myself etc. Love your blog. so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by mine. I'm following you via bloglovin.

  2. Hello, and thank you for your comment on my blog a few days ago! :) I hope your Christmas was lovely, but after reading this post I wonder if Santa delivers presents AFTER Christmas too?!... Haha! I LOVE those honey bee earrings! Wouldn't mind having that apple bag either... ;) xox

  3. What wonderful finds! Such pretty items - thanks so much for including my earrings.

  4. Oh gosh, you have excellent taste, I love these! I don't have a cheongsam, been lusting after one for years, but I'm a bit hippy for the traditional cut of them. I hope at least a few of these items make their way to you...

    P x

  5. These pieces are beautiful! I can see why you added them all to your wishlist! The dresses especially are so lovely!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. These are wonderful items...full of beauty!! I hope you had a gorgeous Christmas time. I was away on a little break, but am back now. I hope your New Year will be amazing for you!! Xxx

  7. Hi i am looking for cheongsam and i found a beautiful one on cozy lady wear web site. I was wondering is the company reliable and legitimate? Could you please tell me your experience with this company?

    1. Hello there,
      Thank you for stopping by on Walking in May. The items and shops featured in this post were found through an online search, so I have not actually ordered from all of them.

      Unfortunately I have not ordered from or reviewed for Cozy Lady Wear before so I am unable to recommend or tell you much about that particular company. If it helps, the Qipao (Cheongsam) shops I have experience with can be found on the 'Qipao Love' page or label.
      Have a good weekend,


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