Review/LookS: Alma & Ruchir's magical winter wedding....and my purple lace peplum Cheongsam!

In Our Bitsy Prints purple lace peplum Renaissance Hotel, London
As we linger on the last day of 2013, my thoughts swerved through a maze of memories from happy or content, to unexpected or gripping events that have passed. As I do believe in being happy and boosting what is positive....I often rant to those dear enough to tolerate my repeated lectures on how there needs to be much more hope in this big wide world....I cannot think of a better way to close the year than to share a recent happy event with you darling readers. A few posts back I might have mentioned attending my good friend Alma's wedding in London, and to celebrate the honour in being invited to share their very special moment of commitment in life, I decided to fully dress to the occasion. So I wore a special purple and black lace peplum Cheongsam that Our Bitsy Prints had sent me for a review a little while ago....after all Cheongsam (Qipao) are often worn to weddings as well as parties and formal events in our modern age to place emphasis on how much one respects the occasion. Another reason to get a Cheongsam or Qipao to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year if you haven't already!

A closer look at the lovely details of the lace peplum on the modern Cheongsam......

On the beautiful staircase of Renaissance Hotel, London. 
I must say this purple and black modern lace Cheongsam from Our Bitsy Prints Nikhita's Roses series was a lovely surprise to receive in the post, as only knowing that a Cheongsam was on its way but not which one or what style it could have been had kept me intrigued. Tracing the detail of roses on a purple soft lace with a slight shine that was brought out from the chic black lining, I was once again impressed by the highly handmade feel of the Cheongsam. The flirty unlined shoulder achieving a sort of cut-out effect, frilly feminine peplum to emphasise the waistline, loosely pencil-cut bottom and soft mandarin collar are designs that have pleasantly surprised I did not expect them on a Cheongsam at all. Even though I doubted that a soft stand-up mandarin collar without either hooks or buttons to neatly close the back of the collar in the usual Qipao way was for me, wearing it made me realise that not having a hook or button catching my hair-do at the nape of my neck can be a benefit it allowed me to move more carefree and dance the night away. This modern fusion Cheongsam also caught me off guard to some extent by inspiring a match with 1960s Mad Men like style of a simple bouffant-like up-do....and so it was perfect to add my Vintage Jane Shilton navy patent handbag to complete the look!

[Please note: This post may be considered a sponsored post because I did not buy the Cheongsam and received it with a request for a review.] 

Here comes the absolutely stunning bride Alma.....

A celebration of love....the beautiful bride and handsome groom on Camden Town Hall's famous marble staircase.

Alma and Ruchir's formal registration ceremony was held at Camden Town Hall, where the stunning old marble staircase has been a famous feature for years. After that we headed over to the Renaissance Hotel across the street to celebrate with some champagne and were just dazzled by the beautiful interior....almost like entering an enchanting realm where Harry Potter met a Regency palace in a blended charm. The beautifully carpeted staircase and bold red walls scribbled with gold crested patterns captivated hence the many photographs. It was just a simply beautiful wedding....with a winter theme of sparkles and navy blue...truly put together with love. From my amazing photographer friends Javed and Tim, to the talented cake making expert Jules from Jules Sweetart and Mireya as well as Yerka for the themed decorations!

At the Renaissance Hotel, London....

The staircase and brilliant structure of Renaissance Hotel...

My girlies and me....all overjoyed to celebrate the wedding!

The beautiful winter themed reception by our friend Mireya.....

The amazing cake my friend Jules created especially for the wedding!  [Jules Sweetart on Facebook]

The beautiful couple Alma and Ruchir cutting the wedding cake....

My girlies and me....with Panama's Alejandro!

[Find Our Bitsy Prints modern Cheongsam on Facebook:]

I am sure you darlings will agree it was a beautiful wedding....and Our Bitsy Prints' modern lace peplum Cheongsam seemed the perfect dress to attend such a special occasion. Almost like from one love to another, and I am sure it was a day that all who attended will not here's to Alma and Ruchir! As we are about to welcome a new year into our lives I feel especially grateful to be blessed with friends, family and my darling readers....but also excited that I shall be donning a new Qipao tonight to celebrate. Wishing all you lovely darlings a very very Happy New Year....may 2014 bring you all happiness, good health and peace!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. What a gorgeous and very special wedding. Your dress was stunning!! I am glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself xx

  2. May, you looked absolutely beautiful doll! I love your dress, hair & makeup. So gorgeous! The bride is so stunning! What a beautiful girl. thanks for sharing this and God Bless for the New Year.


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