Qipao Love: Part 12 ~ May's Chinese New Year 2014...Cheongsam Wish List!

Hello my darling readers! Have you darlings got your new clothes or celebratory Chinese dress ready? As Chinese New Year of the Horse arrives in two days, I have been trying to finish altering my new Qipao....there has been lots to do with starting a new job and spending time with my sister who is visiting from Singapore. But it hasn't stopped me from noticing some gorgeous Qipao (Cheongsam) appearing online, so I have decided to compile a 'Chinese New Year Cheongsam Wish List'! I must say I have been happy to find a new emergence of blogshops or e-Stores bringing out their own creative Cheongsam (Qipao) designs, and answering my old rant of making the Cheongsam more accessible in not only being worn during Chinese New Year or special occasions. Such independent smaller stores seem to be infusing creativity in the traditional Chinese dress market, as they seem to be fueled by a real passion and genuine love for the Cheongsam....often creating limited numbers of each design through an impressively beautiful handmade quality. Truth be told, I don't own a Cheongsam from each of the stores mentioned in this post....though I would love to if money were no object and I didn't have plans to save for BouBou's college fund....so I cannot make claims in terms of quality. Though I am sure you will agree the photos alone are enough to evoke an appreciation of the individual designs, without further ado here is my Chinese New Year Top 7 Cheongsam (in no particular order):

1. Zanse Retro Sequined Embroidered Cheongsam
By Sayamo
*Prices are in Malaysian Ringgits and a currency conversion may be necessary.
Link: www.soyamo.com/zanse-retro-sequined-embroidered-cheongsam
As Sayamo has been the leading fashion retailer in Malaysia, the wide selection of ready-made Cheongsam that they have really is quite impressive. From everyday cotton Cheongsam to classic or more formal evening Qipao...browsing through I was attracted instantly to this sweetly pink full length modified Qipao. Almost seems like a ballgown that one would learn how to waltz for...it will definitely be lovely for the next Vintage ball!

2. Vintage 1950s Cheongsam
By Greedy Seagull (Etsy)
Link: www.etsy.com/1950s-cheongsam-dress
I am swooning for this gorgeous 1950s floral blue number, which only needs to be matched with my blue patent Vintage purse for a lovely day out.  Perhaps even infusing me with in a mood for a more beautiful spring...need I say more?

Yokihi in Zaffre & African Print Batik
By Larks and Peony
*Prices are in Singapore Dollars and a currency conversion may be necessary.
Link: www.larkandpeony.com/moderncheongsam/y-kihi-in-zaffre-and-african-print-batik
Fueled by the romantic story of one of the four great Chinese beauties in history, Yang Gui Fei or Yokihi (in Japanese)....it is a Cheongsam that blends African, Japanese and Chinese influences. Like their romantic name Lark and Peony brings alive the story behind their designs and works towards making the Cheongsam more accessible to daily wear. Focused on simplicity....I just love the contrasting vibrant blue and unusual African Batik print which seems more Japanese....that somehow inspires imagination of a dreamy summer day picnic within me....

Jarrell Jacquard Cheongsam
By Love Bonito
*Prices are in Singapore Dollars and a currency conversion may be necessary.
Link: www.lovebonito.com/4032-jar
This Jarrell Jacquard Cheongsam is simply too cute not to like, produced by a fashion chain in Singapore called 'Love Bonita', it is an interesting blend of fun, vibrancy and playfulness. And for times when I want a little more freedom and flexibility, this could really be just the dress to wear......

Dainty Maroon Arc Knits
By: Our Bitsy Prints
*Prices are in Singapore Dollars and a currency conversion may be necessary. (Don't forget you darlings can get 10% off by mentioning 'WalkingInMay' when you order.)
Link: www.ourbitsyprints.com
Having been a fan of the handmade quality of Our Bitsy Prints' modern Cheongsam dresses, it has been a joy seeing how their design portfolio has grown from collection to collection. The Dainty Maroon Arc Knit Cheongsam is just adorable with the cute printed wrap skirt....nostalgically reminding one of the sweet fabric fish-shaped wind charmers put out as decoration in Japan, and often seen in cartoons...but also detailed enough to emphasise a shapely feminine silhouette that a boyish figure like mine might lack. As the red top is a lovely deep maroon decorated with two small pink buttons, it makes it lovely enough to wear to the office for work and accessible enough to attend tea or a special date. To complete the look, it will be perfectly matched with a stylish 1960s Beehive!

Vintage 60s Pink Cheongsam
By Robs Vintique (Etsy)
Link: www.etsy.com/vintage-60s-pink-cheongsam-dress
With a few stitches to take it in at the darts, this silky pink embroidered beauty will be ready for a spin! A simple yet versatile vintage Cheongsam that could have easily ran between 1950s to 1960s, but with a sweet elegant air of pink blossoms...this lady-like Cheongsam is really a piece that belongs in my collection.

The Heart Breaker
By The Happy Cheongsam
*Prices are in Singapore Dollars and a currency conversion may be necessary.
Link: thehappycheongsam.com/collection-1/heart-breaker
A daring number in chic black Thai silk with a cute heart shaped cut-out back and slightly puffy lantern skirt conspicuously forming a fuller hip....called the Heart Breaker. This is certainly most far away from a Cheongsam of the conventional sense....not only is the playfully sexy peek-a-boo back different, but the flirty length reminds me of the mini in the 1960s. I love the ingenuity and am pleasantly surprised by it! A creative design from this new 'Happy Cheongsam' blogshop in Singapore, who are a mother and daughter team, that pledges to infuse their customers with the happiness of wearing a Cheongsam and a dream to continue the tailoring skills of one generation to the next. Another thing that noticeably impressed me is the thin gold piping emphasising the mandarin collar and waist, as most sewing enthusiasts may know that piping can be a rather time consuming and painstaking task to embark on....which is also why the piping on traditional Qipao can seem like such an art form....now if only I can get my paws on a Heart Breaker Cheongsam!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Hopefully you darlings will be inspired by my 'Chinese New Year Cheongsam Wish List' for 2014....in finding that perfect Qipao that will love your form, and most of all discovered a few more avenues in terms of Qipao styles. I hope to return shortly in the new year of the fire Horse to share with you my most recent collaboration with photographer friend Caroline Opacic....and for those who have been following on Facebook; yes it will involve a gorgeous Japanese Yukata! So I wish all you lovely darlings a very very Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year....Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Lovely pieces! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too May and congrats on the new job! :)

    1. Thank you sweety! Glad to review your Cheongsam as they are so lovely! x

  2. These are so amazing!! Happy Chinese New Year to you doll, I hope it's a very beautiful and prosperous one for you!! Xxx

    1. Thank you my dear...you are ever so sweet! Love your blog! x

  3. My dear May Loh, I know I've said similar things before, but your passion for this alluring, immensely lovely dresses really knows no bounds. I think it's awesome that you have a wishlist devoted just to them and hope that each and every one on it is able to make its way into your closet.

    Big hugs & tons of joyful wishes for February!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much my dear! You have been very kind and ever so inspirational....your blog never fails to make me smile. Hope it will be an amazing year ahead for you!
      May x

  4. These dresses are so gorgeous! I could not pick one. The details are fabulous. Each is beautiful in it's own right.

    1. They are indeed...thank you for stopping by my dear! x


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