Review & LookS: The Chap Magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2013!

Hello my darlings, how has your new journey into 2014 been so far? Though mine has been filled with a few unexpected surprises and a little busy, I am still quite excited for the year to unfold...and of course for the Chinese New Year celebrations ahead!

A few weeks ago, I promised to tell all on the Chap Magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2013 at London's grade listed Bloomsbury Ballroom in my 1930s inspired Shanghai girl post [here] with talented photographer friend Caroline Opacic [Photography Page]. What I forgot to mention was that part of the photoshoot was done outside a warm reddish mosaic wall of the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green, and I have included those photos here. I must admit that I really liked how Caroline was able to effortlessly and swiftly capture my different expressions, which you will be able to see below. [Find more photos on: Caroline's photography blog] After the photoshoot with Caroline I rushed off to help my girlies Yerka and Naoko get ready for the ball...deciding on the vintage style of their choice we quickly got to work. Within an hour Yerka emerged glamorously in her 1920 to 1930s look and Naoko shone in her 1950s to 1960s look equipped with a mini beehive...literally grabbing our coats as we dashed, we popped on to a red double decker and headed towards Art Deco clad Bloomsbury Ballroom to meet Rachael and Nigel....

A 1930s inspired Shanghai girl outside a beautiful mosaic wall of the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green, London.

Laughing again as Caroline clicked away.....

Trying to recover in seriousness....

And snuggling back into my faux fur coat....the 1930s inspired Shanghai girl ready for the ball!

Arriving to see discreet giant stone pillars lining the pavement to mark our lovely central London venue made me smile in anticipation and once at the door we were greeted by a warm hostess through to some stone walled stairs leading towards Bloomsbury Ballroom...which of course we had to stop for a photo moment! Rachael was dressed in the amazing Art Deco inspired dress she made (which won a prize at the Candlelight Club last time - here), whilst Nigel looked dapper in his black and white ensemble. Throughout the night there were several official as well as unofficial photographers snapping away whilst we danced and mingled....there was even a quick lesson on the Charleston! Not to forget the fun 'knobbly knee' competition where I was surprised to see even ladies participating in, though I must say with all the excitement the one man play seemed to have got lost in the pool of disturbed noisy thoughts that I couldn't really follow much. Meeting gentlemanly characters that seem to have stepped out of my favourite book Pride & Prejudice, I felt my cheeks reddening in girlishness and...perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was actually meeting the famous 1940s blogger Fluer McGerr from Diary of a Vintage Girl (you can actually see how surprised I was from one of the photos below)! With a cocktail in hand and the favourite vintage gang around my table, we had made a real ball out of the Chap's Ball 2013.

Photo time on the staircase leading down to Bloomsbury Ballroom....

My beautifully dapper the Chap's Ball 2013!

Could that possibly be incarnation of Mr Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) next to Yerka?

My beautifully vintage inspired girlies and the Chap's Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2013!

Golden jazz hands to the Charleston!

The fun 'knobbly knee' competition contestants.....

Dancing away in glamorous flapper those smiling faces!

Caught by surprise in meeting the famous 1940s blogger Fleur McGerr!!

Gorgeous 1940s blogger Fleur McGerr and a very star stuck little me.....
So here's to waiting for the next Chap's Ball or Olympiad, as we will definitely be ready with more outfit planning and brushed up Charleston skills by then! In other news....I have been in contact with the Lady General e-store about the upcoming 'Walking In May exclusive Qipao (Cheongsam)', and don't forget there is still time to get your fabulous Cheongsam with the 10% off discount offered to my readers. Also its time to announce the winner to my blog-aversary 1920s Gatsby inspired GIVEAWAY (link)....and the winner that BouBou picked out of a cloche hat is.....(drumroll)....Kizzy from the Dainty Dolls House! Right, I am off to set my hair in finger waves for an exciting new photoshoot with the talented Caroline tomorrow....have an absolutely fabulous weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Looks like a fun time, and your outfit is lovely - you look very glamorous!

  2. What gorgeous photos, plus the perfect event to dress up for.

  3. What fun time. You look just stunning x

  4. what a gala event! you all look absolutely smashing in your party attire, love 30's look on you May!!! so beautiful. by the sight of things this night was a huge success on all counts :) happiest New Year lady, i'm thinking this one's really gonna rock! ♥

  5. Seems like quite the event! You look fab, darling! Very old hollywood. Lovely blog darling! Maybe you'd like to check me out? Let me know, I'd love to keep in touch!



  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops I don't know what I did there, but ended up removing my comment will comment again.

  7. Another beautiful vintage outfit May. A good time was had by all and I look forward to our next vintage outing. Much love Rachael


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