London HOT-SPOTS: Part 2 ~ 1920s Modan Garu meets Art Deco Brasserie Zedel for lunch...

After Naoko helped me dress in the ldies.....
Stepping into the glitzy Brasserie Zedel from the bustling crowds and constant traffic of London's busy Regents really like stepping back into time. The instant the doors closed behind me, noisy clangs of modernity was silenced with a serene murmur of gentle chatter and whiffs of dark coffee against a backdrop of black and white photographs on the old wood laden cafe seemed I was in 1920s Paris rather than 2014 London. Passing through the small cafe to the next wooden doorway, I was caught by the gold and cream canvas interrupted by black, white and brown highlighted Art Deco carpet enticing me to follow the golden rail downstairs. Moving past the spacious white tiled and chandelier-ed hall towards the glow of a bright dining room, I was instantly hit by the magnificent marble columns and gilded was indeed as decadent as you would imagine the flapping Jazz age to be. And I could certainly imagine myself wearing a floor length silk number matched with my finger waves for a lovely Deco dinner at Brasserie Zedel on another fine we umm-ed over the menu a smartly dressed waited appeared to fill my glass with water and take my order....

After getting dressed in the Yukata.....catch up with Part 1 to find out how to get dressed in a Yukata!

With my cute fish shaped drawstring purse.....

How amazing are those stairs! (Brasserie Zedel, London)

Following the lit-up Deco Braserrie Zedel, London.

The cuisine at Brasserie Zedel is French, and though the menu only runs across one big card rather than an extensive booklet, there was definitely enough choice for four girls on a Deco lunch! As we chatted and zoomed through the menu whilst taking appreciative glances around the gorgeous room, we were both excited to try the food and looking forward to the photographs we will be able to take around the restaurant. Still too timid to try frog legs or snails, I stuck to the safe option of a rather posh crumbly battered fish and chips....which I must say was both very filing and yummy. Actually all three girlies....Rachael, Caroline and Naoko agreed that the food was not only surprising affordable, but it was also rather good. The waiters were attentive and aptly came to fill up our glasses with water as well as to check if everything was in order. Sitting in Brasserie Zedel for most of the afternoon, we lost track of time and forgot how big the dining room actually though the atmosphere of being in such a glitzed up Deco decor was enough to sustain us. I suppose one thing I would criticise is the lack of an afternoon tea option, though being French rather than English cuisine perhaps a wider selection of sweet treats might have been good. Anyway, this London Hot-Spot which is Brasserie Zedel gets a glitzy 4  out of 5 lovely hearts from me.

[Find out more about Brasserie Zedel here:]
Love the pink tablecloth and napkin with distinctive Brasserie Zedel....

Glamorously decadent...for a ceiling! (Brasserie Zedel)

Love the cute detail of the red lamps in this photo....Caroline can be so insightful!

Brasserie Zedel....

1920s inspired Modan Garu in the deco style Brasserie Zedel (London)!

Love how the mirror captures the different perspectives!
After that lovely lunch I decided to return a week later with my sister who was visiting from Singapore, and it was just as lovely as before. So if you are ever around Picadilly or Regent's Street, do try to venture into this Art Deco styled gem! Also if you want to find out 'How-To' get dressed in a Yukata (Japanese summer kimono) as authentically as possible, then take a look at the step-by-step dressing transformation in Part 1 (link)....and just in case you missed it; Caroline Opacic is now Walking In May's official photographer. Last but definitely not least, here's wishing all you lovely darlings a fabulous weekend ahead!

Until the next time,
May xx

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~Photos by Walking In May's Official Photographer:

Absolutely love the lighting in this photo.....makes my yukata so pretty!


  1. You look amazing doll, love the place and what your wearing!! I just wanted to send a little thank you, I received my prize and it is wonderful...thank you so much!! I hope you are well doll xx

  2. You seriously have the best photos! They look like they could have come out of an editorial shoot! So gorgeous :) x

  3. You looked so pretty May! What an experience. Love the location.

  4. What a fabulous location - it looks wonderful. I've never been, but it's been recommended to me before, so I will put it top of my list for next time I visit London.

    You look so stunningly beautiful in that gorgeous outfit, I think you outshine the decadent setting!
    P x

  5. Having found you and your inspiring post is a true present, May.
    I am following you everywhere, and adding you to my blogroll not to miss any of your magic posts.
    Love and sunshine.

  6. Exquisite series of photos, ensemble and backdrop against which to photograph it. I feel as though I'm looking back through the lens of time to the roaring twenties as I enjoy them.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you deeply for your immensely lovely, and very touching, comment on yesterday's post. I adore having you as a reader and online vintage loving friend, sweet dear.


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