A post Christmas...vintage tea party in the New Year!

It's a Vintage Tea Party! (London 2014)

On a sunny day in the very beginning of 2014, my girlies and I all gathered at Rachael's home for a lovely vintage tea party as a belated Christmas celebration. The code was....'wear your best tea dress' and since it was a sunny weekend it became the perfect day to snap some fun photos in the garden. Draped simply in my navy midi tea dress with purple and pink flowers, I decided to match up with a purple cardigan....as purple happened to be one of Rachael's favourite colours....and enjoyed the fact that it would be a relaxing afternoon of just sipping tea with a bunch of lovable people. Then I dashed out the door forgetting to bring my tea stash with me, informally reminding myself of where I had to go. Luckily the girls had brought some tea and Rachael had a collection for us to go through....in the end we ended up with several gorgeous teapots holding an exciting range from Chinese Flowering Jasmine to Popcorn and Earl Grey!

Christmas is still here!

Rachael bringing out the tea....look at that amazing vintage brooch necklace!

Love my girlies!

Rachael and her husband Nigel have been absolute darlings....not only did they prepare some yummy savory tarts to go with the tea, they also made some fabulous sweeties to spoil us all! Following the Christmas theme we were surprised with a selection of sweets from candy cane cheesecake to santa hat (strawberry) brownies. With stunning teas and yummy treats we had a marvelous afternoon with Rachael and Nigel... chatting away about all the quirks of life. Rachael being a fellow vintage blogging enthusiast and having a background in fashion...wore one of the amazing vintage brooch necklaces she made for her soon-to-come little online project. To get a glimpse of Rachael's amazing style and a sneak peek of my annual Chinese new Year Tear Party a few weeks ago, check out her blog: Real Women Real Style


Candycane cheesecake cupcakes!

Nigel bringing out the Santa Hat Brownies!

As some of you darlings may know, I love a simple day without make-up clad in comfy pjamas as much as a glamorously polished floor sweeping night at a vintage ball....it's often who I am with that makes me smile or giggle. In other words, it was a thankfully perfect afternoon with some of the loveliest people....which was a brilliant start to the year. On that happy note, just in case you might have missed the sneak peek of my 1940s inspired photoshoot with Caroline over the busy weekend....when we took one of The Happy Cheongsam's designs for a test spin...on the Walking In May Facebook page, you can catch it here on Caroline Opacic Photography (Facebook)! I can't wait to tell all on our adventurous photoshoot and reveal some new ideas that you darlings might enjoy. Have an absolutely fabulous mid-week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Delicious just like you, dear May

  2. You look like you had an absolutely amazing time! Agh so jealous; I'm a vintage girl at heart and this all looks so fun! xx

  3. What a lovely idea and as always you all look beautiful! I hope 2014 is bringing you lots of lovely things!! xx

  4. You look wonderful, what a gorgeous time!! And everyone looks amazing. It's nice to have great times like this with friends!! Am happy you enjoyed Xxxx

  5. How fabulously fun and festive! You each look so lovely and like you were having a right, proper bash. Seeing these lovely party photos makes me even more excited for the various springtime celebrations (such as Easter, Mother's Day, and Victoria Day, as well as my mom's birthday next month) that are on the horizon. I'm sooo ready to wave good be to winter and welcome spring's return with lots of festive merriment like this.

    Big hugs & oodles of happy Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much (from both Tony and I) for your splendidly nice comment on this week's New Look inspired outfit post.

  6. What an absolutely wonderful idea for a gathering! I love the idea of holding a tea party, and it looks and sounds as though Rachael got it spot on, with those delicious looking savoury tarts and the beautiful china to serve the tea in. And Santa hat cakes!! You've made me want to host my very own tea party :) xxx


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