Review: Flapping to 'Puttin on the Glitz' the British Library!

Popcorn anyone?
Discovering that the gorgeous Vintage Mafia trio had planned a fabulous night at the British Library, I just had to round up my girlies to see who was free to take a twirl at 'Puttin on the Glitz' at the very last minute. I mean how often will a girl get to be amongst the dazzling at the great British Library. Lucky enough Naoko and Rachael were able to join me and we dashed online to nab a ticket before it was too late, still not knowing what we were going to wear to the event the next day! Busy so it was, that it wasn't until my journey home from work in order to change for the event that I had the time to start thinking about what to wear, hence dashing about my room like one eternally insane I pulled out a black coarsely laced dress with a playful frill-like hem above the knee. Of course when I think of glitz and glamour I have to start from the 1920s, so shaping my long locks into a bun, putting on some feathery earrings and simply slipping a beaded headband over my forehead, I was ready to flap to the British Library (London) for a night of glitz and glamour.

And what a glitz it was! Greeted after the great large doors, it was an impressive sight to behold already, as the grand staircase and layers of  walkways framing an elegantly large white space in the British Library was almost like a Cinderella story setting. Rummaging through my phone to locate the ticket whilst I queued, having forgotten to print it out in my haste, I was lucky enough for the lovely Fleur McGerr from the Vintage Mafia as well as the 'Diary of a Vintage Girl' (Blog ) to remember me once I got to the reception table. After greeting Fleur and saying a warm 'hello' to the rest of the Vintage Mafia, I went though the crowd in search of Naoko as well as Rachael whilst taking in the buzz of excitement that surrounded the place. Together we headed to the fabulous pop-up beauty parlour to get Naoko's hair done for free and bopped along to the orchestra in another long queue. Snacking on old fashioned popcorn and sipping orangeade later, we watched the crowd waltz as well as laugh.....spotting the most spectacular dresses as well as ladies. It was then that I spotted Miss Cherrylicious the vintage model and stylist, so a picture had to be snapped....especially when she was wearing such pretty shoes! There was an abundance of photographers around and it was really the perfect setting, but alas....we forgot to have a fun snap at the photobooth which I had been looking forward to earlier. Except for the long queues for drink, hair and so on, it really was a fabulous event for a very affordable price and we had a really a roaring time!  

At the British Library......

Miss Cherrylicious and me....

'Puttin on the Ritz' with Fred Astaire

I shall most definitely look forward to the Vintage Mafia's next event and I loved the idea....of how 'Puttin on the Glitz' can be a personal interpretation of wearing whatever you feel most gorgeous in! It really is about your inner Moxie, as often in life we may not get the choice of everything, but to have the audacity to believe as well as work for what you believe in or want makes it a beautiful journey. This can be true for many, and most certainly so when I see vintage lovers of all walks of life gathered in the same place for a similar passion...a reason to enjoy vintage events too. I shall also be looking forward to Judy's affordable vintage fair in Bethnal Green this weekend, in preparation with the girlies for my special 1930s Birthday bash in a little more than 2 weeks time. Here's wishing all you lovely darlings a very fabulous Bank Holiday weekend!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. This looks like so much fun!! I love your outfit too, the headband is so gorgeous!! I would have loved going to this..wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend doll Xxx

    1. It really was a fun night out! You must join us next time you are in London my dear!
      May x

  2. I think I read about this but it then quickly slipped out of my mind, which is a shame. It sounds like you had a fun, glamorous night. It must have been great to be in British Library after hours - it's a great space but I'm generally rushing through it to get into the reading rooms whenever I'm there.

    1. I know what you mean my dear....and to see that wonderful space lit up with an orchestra, glamorous frocks and beautiful dancing was really quite something! Hope to see you at one of their next events....have a lovely mid-week!
      May x


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