LookS/Review: Mods to the East...with a 1960s swing on Lark and Peony's vintage inspired Cheongsam!

London's calling....as Big Ben chimes in a distance!
Having just returned from a little sunny break in Greece, it is time to fully unwrap my 1960s inspired look with Lark and Peony's Hsi Shih Vintage Turquoise Cheongsam (Qipao) as promised!  As times moved from the elegant 50s Parisian New Look to the rebelliously Youth-shaken 60s, London took the world stage with big names such as Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, Andy Warhol, Mary Quant, Barbara Hulanicki and of course the Beattles....it was even more apt for Caroline and I to continue our photoshoot from London's Chinatown to London's great landmark Trafalgar Square. So what inspired this look? Try as we may, there is no escaping the idea of 60s fashion being a highly wearable and classic workhorse hidden in many wardrobes across the globe....even today. There is just something simply flexible about the A-shaped shift, albeit mini or midi, to flatter most female forms with a skimming and youthful glow that keeps it circulating in the fashion radar. Possibilities from Western fashion were injected into the Qipao design by tailors to modernise and keep up with popular trends influencing the new woman with the ability to work as well as spend in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia or even England and America. In fact the Qipao herself became a booming trend from the late 50s to 60s...in Hong Kong the Qipao was daily wear for most women, and if you watch Audrey Hepburn's "Breakfast at Tiffany's" close enough, you will spot a dazzling party Qipao. [Catch up on how iconic the Cheongsam became during the 1960s, with Nancy Kwan here: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-7] Ignited by the utterly groovy floral turquoise print and above knee hemline, I created my 1960s polished Eastern Pearl meets slick Western Mods look with a dash of plastic fantastic turquoise and leopard print furriness....topped with flower powered beehive and eyeliner cat flick.

Under the pavilion in London's Chinatown.....

With the elegantly groovy Rachael in 50s styled full petticoat......

Close up of my 60s beehive....

The first time I saw Lark and Peony’s Hsi Shih in Turquoise Vintage Floral I was captivated by the vibrant colours and floral grooviness of the pattern….it just screamed a fabulous 1930s turned 1960s flower power vibe! The design itself is simply minimalistic in a non-fussy low mandarin collar, A-shaped main and above knee length. The fabric is light and soft against one’s skin, which is best for spring or summer and will work well in countries with warm climates, as it is unlikely to stick to you even if you happen to start sweating and should dry easily too. As it is also lined with a simple white layer, it is likely to become a wearable and versatile daily piece in any wardrobe. I can see myself wearing it again and again….whether it is dressing with pretty accessories for brunch with the girls or a slicking up to smart day at the office under a blazer….the Hsi Shih Turquoise Vintage Floral Cheongsam will live up to positive expectations. My criticism would be a greed for more choice of fabric types, as I would love to see Lark and Peony experiment with linen or perhaps even chiffon with beautiful prints. From the Hsi Shih Cheongsam I have come to understand that Lark and Peony is about the glorious prints on fabric, the showcase of vibrantly bold landscapes, which is accentuated by the classical and simple cutting of the dress…I am sure you can see from Caroline’s lovely photos that the print tells a beautiful story of its own. Inspired by the Chinese legend of a beautiful female spy Hsi Shih, but creating a new story for each modern woman to conquer her everyday life….so grab the Hsi Shih and be inspired today!

[Please note that prices are in Singapore Dollars, which is very roughly divided by 2 to find the price in British pounds…please check current conversion rates. Lark and Peony (here) is an online shop specialising in modern Cheongsam designs and produce limited pieces of each design.] 

Dress:  Hsi Shih in Turquoise Vintage Floral...Cheongsam by Lark & Peony [link]
Bag: Vintage...1960s styled 
Shoes: Jean Claude Monderer from La Fayette, Paris (past season)
Coat: Glamorous (past season...with buttons I sewed on)
Umbrella: Fulton
Sunglasses: ASOS

From 1950s to 1960s......

Hopefully you darlings will like my 1960s inspired look worthy of a fashionably tailored Mod, and be inspired to create your own looks with the Cheongsam...which really can be as wearable as you make it! [Just in case you have missed it, catch up with what we got up to in Chinatown here: www.walkinginmay.com/qipao-love-part-15beehive-bubble-tea] Coming up next will be some exciting posts from my recent 1930s Birthday bash, as well as revealing my very special one piece Walking In May Exclusive Cheongsam by the Lady General. Have an utterly groovy and fabulous weekend darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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~Photos by Walking In May's Official Photographer:


  1. Ahhhh...you look glorious! I do love this dress a lot & the mood and area for the pictures is just perfect!! I hope you have a great weekend my dear Xxx

  2. Dear i love your blog! Your style is so lovely and elegant. Kisss from Madrid!

  3. Looks like you had a great time, lovely pictures :)

  4. Beautiful look! Ur dress and jacket are gorgeous ^^



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