How-To/Qipao Love ~ Part 17: How to own a Qipao in your style of elegant perfection?

My very first tailor made Qipao by Elegente....
A Qipao (Cheongsam) is most certainly not a mere dress....think of it as an extension of yourself and your second layer of skin. I often hear complaints about not being able to wear the Qipao because it simply does not look good or right....from friends and family, as well as my readers. One thing that I have come to understand after collecting and wearing the Qipao for years is that the Qipao was designed to showcase female beauty at its best across the differen time periods, and this art of beautifully wrapped nudity is one that every female can master with some effort put in. I have heard an old Qipao tailor claim in a documentary that there is no such thing as an ugly woman in a Qipao, and yet he has never met two women with the exact same body measurements in all his years of tailoring. The tailor went on to explain how different skills are utilised to resolve issues in creating the right fit to different bodies, but the right fit doesn't always mean a tight fitting glove-like un-breathability as it also depends on the style as well as body shape of the individual. [Catch up with my Qipao Love Part 4 post on tailoring:] I have certainly found this to be true....albeit with my own body shape or those of friends and family. Just like any other person, as I too have bought many ready made off-the-rack Qipao, I can try a Qipao in the changing rooms and see where it doesn't flatter me at all....looking wrong in all the wrong places. The difference I suppose (as I could be wrong not being a tailor or expert in the matter), is when I see the faults and think about what I can do to make that particular Qipao mine because I fell in love with a certain quality in that one dress. I own my Qipao dresses by transforming it to fit my style, feeling comfortable wrapped within it like a second layer of skin, and most of all feeling more confident because I have stepped into this dress I simply love. So perhaps the question to ask is; 'What do you want to make the Qipao say about you?'

Love my very high mandarin collar and sky blue.....

I am real and human after my D.I.Y styled hair does fly out of place from time to time.....

A slight run of lipstick can still be saved if you keep smiling! 

Taking a stroll in the secret garden by the Southbank, London.

As strange as it may seem, we all have more than one sides to ourselves.....

Styling - How to Tips!
Personally I don't think there is a one dress fits all solution. We are all individuals and personal body confidence can be a very tricky thing. There are bound to be days when we feel less than perfect or certain areas of ourselves that suddenly feel's normal and I think it means we are human. So what should we do? Sit back to let the gloom wash over us like a tsunami of spirit, or choose to do something to ride out the day as best you can? So let's think about this:
  • What I can do to make that particular Qipao mine? ~ Besides taking in the darts in the midriff when I buy a off-the-rack Cheongsam (Qipao), and usually depending on the style I want it can be loosely or tightly fitted, I tend to consider other factors such as colour and matching accessories. For example, as I love pearls I would consider how a particular Qipao will look with my pearl necklace or earrings....or I would choose the sky blue colour that I love to bring a little bit of me into the dress. Go back to basic and keep it simple, as it can really be about placing a little bit of your favourite preference to make it simply you. Love the Qipao, love yourself too. 
  • 'What do you want to make the Qipao say about you? ~ It can vary from Qipao to Qipao, as different styles can say something different about you. Some days I like a clash for a feeling of chaotic vibrancy, whilst other days I seek the comforts of let creativity flow. For example a very fitted midriff can bring a small waist as the main focal point creating a dainty feeling of curvy proportions, whereas a very high mandarin collar can elongate the neck as a point of interest to draw attention upwards to one's face in simple elegance. Perhaps think along the lines of what is the favourite feature of yourself that makes you feel more confident...
These are the two questions I asked myself when I was choosing the fabric as well as design for my very first tailor made Qipao by online store Elegente (link), which they had requested me to review for them. The result is the Qipao featured here in this very post....a combination of pretty sky blue florals, higher than usual mandarin collar and mid-calf length (find my dress here)....matched with my favourite pearls and finger waves for a 1930s vintage inspired look of course. For those who are yet to hear of them, Elegente is a Qipao (Cheongsam) shop that is based in China offering both tailor made as well as off-the-rack Qipao, and claims to be the leading Chinese designer brand focusing on classical Qipao dresses. They try to fuse together a poetic line to bring the Qipao to life in name or sometimes stories, almost like a fusion of art and fashion.

Behind the scenes.....of our photoshoot, the fabulous Caroline and I decided it was time for a selfie!

Pondering....what is a style of perfection?

A tad bit of 1930s style perhaps.....

Hide and seek......with leaves!

Lastly, calling all 'Walking in May' and Cheongsam fans....if you can get your hands on the Walking in May Exclusive don't forget to enter the style competition announced in my previous post (details here)! Also hope you darlings have enjoyed the lovely photos of this post, taken by the very talented Caroline on our day out in Southbank (London) before I went to see the special 'Chinese Cinema' season at the BFI. In my next post I shall disclose what I think about my very first tailor made Qipao by Elegente....reviewing the dress, body measurement process and experience with this online Qipao well as my 1930s inspired look, so do stay tuned. Having had a busy but thoroughly enjoyable weekend of dancing in my end of year performance....setting forth to wish all you lovely darlings a fabulous week ahead!

Until the next time,
May xx

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~Photos by Walking in May's Official Photographer:

Close up of my tailor made Qipao by Elegente.....


  1. Your wonderful photos have impressed me! What sophisticated elegance ! And your dress has a bright very beautiful colour...

  2. Ohhhhh you are a sweet doll!!! I love this blue dress and your perfect hair! Kisssss

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous doll, love this look and all the photos are amazing and show your wonderful spirit!! I hope you have a great week :) Xxx

  4. Spoken like a true fashion expert, dear gal. I love that you make a point of encouraging others to not be discouraged by perceived flaws, but to look for ways to make a piece that they love work for their body. That is something that I've long done myself with vintage garments, especially since I don't exactly have a super model's body. You are a wise, passionate woman and it is always a since pleasure to read your posts and learn even more about qipaos and how to sport them.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hi there! I love the dress you are wearing, the colors are so beautiful and they go so well with the red lipstick you chose for this look. I laughed a little bit when you showed your pic with messy hair lol we all have those in a photo shoot! we are human after all :)



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