LookS: Braving a 3 day style challenge fundraising...for Macmillan's 'Shave or Style' to Cancer Research's Shine Walk!

Aloha darlings!
Happy Sunday darlings....or should I say 'Aloha'! It's time to gather all three looks from my three day style challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support's 'Shave or Style' campaign.....and Thank You again for all the supportive kind donations you have given so far. Your goodness has enabled me to reach the target-posts of wearing a Cheongsam or Qipao for all three days of the style challenge, and doing the "Shine Walk" in September 2014....which I have just signed up for. Because the "Shine Walk" is organised by a different charity called Cancer Research UK, I had to start a new Just Giving page (here) to continue raising funds in order to keep to my word of fighting cancer together with my friend WN who was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. So the funds raised from this second round of fundraising will have a specific focus on breast cancer at Cancer Research UK...please give as generously as you can to beat breast cancer today! This post will of course showcase the 3 different looks I had during the style challenge of round 1's fundraising. As part of the fundraising, I pledged to do my very first VIDEO tutorial on ONE vintage hairstyle voted by you...from the three day style challenge.....so which hairstyle would you darlings like to see a video tutorial for (comment below)?

Style Challenge Day 1: The 50s inspired Quiff and pony tail....

Day 1 style challenge: 23rd July 2014
Wearing my white cotton Cheongsam (Qipao) dress with purple floral prints, I decided to match it with a hairstyle I have never done before.....a 1950s inspired Quiff with a ponytail in a pink silk scarf! Bringing a bit of Grease lightning charm to the office....would you like to see a video tutorial of this vintage inspired hairstyle?

Day 2 style challenge: A very floral bun....with my pink short embroidered Qipao!

Out for lunch with flower power grooviness.....
Day 2 style challenge: 24th July 2014
On the second day of the style challenge, I opted for the a high bun decked with the flower power of the 1960s grooviness because of the mini length pink embroidered Cheongsam, which I collected from my trip to Taiwan a few years ago.

Day 3 of the style challenge: 1940s inspired loose waves.....tiki style with a twist!

What I wore?
Dress: Ohana Evenings Cheongsam by Our Bitsy Prints (shop)
Bag: Vintage 1960s pink raffia purse
Accessories: Vintage 1950s orange and gold brooch plus silver and natural pearl earrings
Shoes: Cork heeled pink sandals from Clarks

Day 3 style challenge (finale): 25th July 2014
Wearing online store Our Bitsy Prints' cotton Ohana Evenings Cheongsam (here), I went with the Honolulu theme to create my very own 1940s inspired Tiki style...through some soft waves created with a wet cold set from pincurls, adding floral accents of blushing orchid. Cut very simply in comfortably loose A-shape and edgy asymmetrical hem, the gorgeous floral prints brings a vibrant feel of summer holidays rolling in the sands by sea and gives one a relaxed understated way to draw tanning focus on one's pins. In other words, at just 5 foot 5 inches tall I can still look like I have pinned up long legs....now what is there not to like about this modern Cheongsam? The look was completed with a gorgeous orange matched gold vintage 1950s brooch (which was a birthday pressie from Rachael) and my cute pink 1960s raffia purse!

In the lift at work....not many of these 1950s reconstructed lifts are still alive!

Lastly, I am asking for your help save more lives today, and I believe every single one of you lovely darlings will be able to help by:
  • Suggesting something you would like to see me do in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK through the "Shine Walk"....what else can I do in a Cheongsam or Qipao?
  • Sharing or spreading the news about my fundraising.
  • UK Mobiles: Texting 'MAYS89 £1' to 70070 to donate 
  • Cheongsam or Qipao Shops: Bid through donating on my just giving page for your Cheongsam (Qipao) to be worn during the 21km half-marathon night walk by 8th September 2014...the highest bidding donation will win.
  • Just GIVE on my just giving page (button below):
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

For those who might not have heard of Cancer Research UK, it is a charity working to find cures for over 200 different types of cancer, so every pound can really go into saving the world as a cure for cancer truly does not stop in the UK alone. It is a global disease and with your help we can end it sooner. Please give the gift of life to not only my friend WN, but the world that is living with cancer today.....thank you. Also a new series called 'Qipao Lover' featuring fans, collectors, designers, tailors and lovers of the Qipao will be starting on my blog very soon, so do let me know if you have a Cheongsam lover to nominate for a feature right here on my blog. If you would like to join in for some fundraising fun, next week Oxfam is running a #VintageFriday....have a fabulously gorgeous start to the week my kind darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

PS: Apologies for the lack of makeup in most of the photos....early hours preparation was a bit more challenging in time and practicality. 

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  1. Perfection doll, love all of these looks. You are doing brilliantly :)) I hope you have a perfect week xx

    1. Thank you sweety....hope you've had a brilliant break too!
      May x

  2. For me I think Day 1 and the Quiff is my favourite. There is something about any hairstyle with that much height and a tough of Elvis......Blessings

    1. Thank you my dear...it most likely will be Elvis! ;)
      May x

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous, I love all the looks! I am so touched by what you are doing to raise money for cancer research, it just proves you are as beautiful inside as you are out! xx

    1. Aww...thank you so much my dear and your kind support means more than you will know. Thank you and thank you...really am lost for words!
      May xx


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