London Hot-Spot: Loving the beautiful Chelsea Flower Show 2014!

Reaching for the floral stars!
Thank you darlings for the warm welcome to the new 'Qipao LoveR' series; which I hope will empower ladies to wear the Qipao (Cheongsam) they love without fear...and of course celebrate the beauty of this wonderful garment that has sailed through the decades. After all true love should always be celebrated! One of the lovely treats I received for my birthday back in May, and indeed another love to be admired, was some special tickets to the gorgeous and sought after event of the year in London.....Chelsea Flower Show 2014! Excited, as I had never been before but always wanted to go, I dashed over to the Chelsea Royal Hospital grounds after work. It was early summer, the weather improved with sunshine through the late afternoon and it was warm enough to wander around the floral wonderland without a other words it was the best time to go flower watching! Dressed in a simple cotton lilac shift dress from Asos, pretty blue Clarks brogues fit for the office and cute monochrome Fiorelli grab bag I was ready for tea, cake and flowers. So this is what I discovered.....

High flower five!

Floral display by the Thai Embassy....

Floral umbrellas...

Pretty pastels in bloom.....
The Chelsea Flower Show 2014
It was really an event for flower and creative lovers alike....almost like spinning pieces of art through living flowers, and in a concrete jungle world it is a breath of beautiful fresh air literally recycling up our CO2. Tea and cake happened to be higher in price than most, which would be ok had the quality been better, nevertheless it was about the flowers rather than the food. I never knew there were so many varieties of tulips and peonies, then the colourful rainbow of hyacinths made me smile and even the orchids made me think of my lovely grandmother. Interesting how flowers were capable of evoking so much emotion, perhaps this is why I have so many floral printed dresses and skirts in my wardrobe. Packed with a sea of people it was at times hard to see certain displays and we needed to dodge the several photo spot hoggers, but it was definitely a worthwhile afternoon of creativity and inspiration. A show I would be happy to return to next year!
In the English rose garden....

My favourite....tulips!

Love, love, love tulips!

A little bit of history at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014, London.
I'm wearing a flower hat! :)

From fun amongst the flowers to memories held by flowers, it was a lovely Birthday girft indeed. On that lovely note, I would like to Thank You again for the continued support you have shown by donating to my "Shine Walk" fundraiser to fight breast cancer with W-N....I have now received my very first bid (donation) from a Cheongsam shop! If you happen to have a Cheongsam or Qipao shop, grab your chance to have your design featured on 'Walking in May' and have assurance through the ultimate quality I will be wearing ONE single Cheongsam (Qipao) during the whole 21km "SHINE Walk" from the highest bidding donation. Bid on my Just Giving page (button below) by leaving a donation and the name of your shop:
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I can't wait for the beginning of next month when I can reveal a special Miss September of the 'Qipao LoveR' series....there shall be many fabulously inspirational ladies to follow that I am sure you darlings will love, and perhaps even a Giveaway  in the coming months. Exciting times ahead....have a positively fabulous mid-week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx
PS: Do stop by at Caroline's blog to catch up on our photoshoot by London Southbank in the 'Elegente' tailor made Qipao (Cheongsam)!

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