Review/LookS/London Hot-Spots: A hundred dresses unite at Collectif, Camden!

In my Collectif Jenna flared dress, Camden, London.
Greeetings darlings! After excitedly reporting on nabbing a ticket, which sold out within 15minutes it seems, for Collectif's 100 Dresses event in Camden....I am proud to reveal the dress I chose. It is Collectif's flared Jenna in maroon and white...isn't it just the darling dress! Matched with flowers in my hair, my fluffy pink petticoat and my cute little Cath Kidston grab bag, I was ready for a night of 50s charm with my Jenna dress. The event started at the Collectif store early evening in Camden, which I must admit to never having visited before and was slightly tricky to find. Once picking up the dress and queued in the massive line for the changing room in order to change into the dress, I had time to nab a pair of lovely floral earrings and a nice 50s inspired wiggle-like floral dress in the sale. In terms of marketing it was definitely a fabulous idea that got the message across and packed the tills with long queues to buy what was on sale....I really did have to resist quite a few temptation! Though it would have been great if there were more changing rooms and space to get ready, as queueing at every point did make it tiresome and after that it got a little tricky to get to Proud Camden for the show. Sitting in Proud waiting for the show to begin, which started later than advertised with quite a few ladies who had attended the event alone, I began feeling tired thinking of my Sunday night routine to get ready for work week ahead. So by the time the show began with a burlesque act I was on my way out and working out how to get home, but all in all it was a lovely event where I made new friends, experienced the Collectif style and visited their lovely shop.

The Collectif shop in Camden...

Guess which purse I almost took home with me?

Collectif shop entrance...Camden, London.

The first lovely lady I met with the same dress as me!

Queueing up for the cloak room in the stables of Proud, Camden.

Waiting for the show at Proud, Camden.

Other lovely ladies I sat with who also attended the event alone as it was sold out so quickly....

Meeting a lovely new friend Jess!
The verdict? Lovely event and I would probably attend another Collectif event if I get the chance, even for a bit of shopping. But keeping to time andgetting it a bit better organised could be the key to an even better event which would likely keep the buzz of the event going further. On a different note, I have a little announcement of my own to make....I have just left work as a PA to create a crazy new dream! Remember how I mentioned wanting to start a social enterprise one day with all the things I love (on the 'Miss May?' page)....well I am finally making my first step in giving up the secure office life and splashing all my savings to train to become a Zen Yoga Teacher. I have no idea what the future holds, but I know that in order to make a real difference I must first start with myself and bravely take a step, so what better way than to do it with something healing to body, soul and mind. Of course I will continue blogging to share with you darlings the new chapters of my life journey, so fear not as May will continue walking! Though I will likely take a 2 weeks break from today till the end of September in order to attend the intensive yoga teaching course in Dorset, but when I am back there shall be more on how the 'SHINE WALK' went, a book review, Cheongsam review and some travel adventures I am yet to disclose.....also not to forget the next Qipao LoveR of the series. Have a fabulous mid-week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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