Film: Chinese culture on the verge of 1930s modernity....'The Destiny' and Giveaway 2!

Happy Holidays darlings! With the festivities in front of us and more time to peruse a movie or two as we stay home with some yummy turkey, I thought I might do a little cultural film review....since Chinese New Year will follow in two months, so some inspiration for a Qipao will be handy! 'The Destiny' [2014] not to be confused with the high budget martial arts a film in Mandarin based on the changing life of 1930s China. We follow the journey of a traditional rural girl called Yulian, who marries into a well-to-do family only to find her husband missing.....but that is where her touching love story begins.
Source: Looking to the East 

After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, China began weaving in modern ideas brought in through education, as children of the rich began returning from overseas studies and imported books circulated. With a new government came a new era, though still unstable between warlords, gangsters and the central government, females started being allowed to enter university or schools to study like their male counterparts. Wanting embrace new ideas to keep up with a changing society, the rich and those who could afford it started sending their daughters to school. The young women emerging in modernity started moving from the traditional 2 piece attire with a high mandarin collared long sleeved blouse and long or midi pleated skirt, to a female version of the loose long robe worn by men called 'Changsan' in Mandarin (which is a parallel to the Cheongsam in Cantonese). So both 2 piece and Cheongsam can be worn interchangeably depending on preference, but the 'Sam Fu' combination of mandarin collared blouse with trousers usually work for more practical uses or for labourous a sense demonstrating status through clothing.
Source: Looking to the East 

With war dictating daily life, young men dying at the frontline, widows and orphans piling up, marriage and carrying on a bloodline to ensure the survival of a clan name became an urgent priority. Old tradition or rules such as official mourning periods that halted marriages from taking place were adapted in the name of survival within a world that knew not what tommorow could be. Some married in haste so that a chance of consumating the next generation gave hope, while some used marriage as a pathway to get their daughter or son to escape a war-ripped China by marrying a more able family with financial ability or overseas connections.

It is interesting how the ideology of Confucius ettiquette is placed in an elegant throne not to be contaminated whilst modern foreign thoughts have started filtering through the youths. Despite ambitions of education or war, especially with the contrast of Yulian and others around her...status and affluence is a major determinant that binds the characters to the way they live and think. Perhaps the contrast of Eastern and Western cultures should also be mentioned where families and marriages feature here. The traditional Chinese concept of marriage being a unity of two families that forge a binding clan link and the old term 'Cheng Chin' that is hardly used today to describe marriage actually meaning 'becoming family' can be noted. Of course the importance of a son being able to carry the family name through the next generation and the chastity belt to be worn by a wife when her husband is away regulates daily life.

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  1. Happy Christmas my dear!! I hope you have been well, I have just gotten over my flu, just in time for Christmas day. I had a lot of stuff to do and I'm still not done. This is a very wonderful giveaway...good luck to everyone. I have done all the requirements. I hope you have a joyful time my dear!! Lots of love & well wishes to you Xoxoxo

  2. Happy New 2015!! Thanks for the movie tip, I'm gonna watch it tonight. I always have my eye out for chinese films, but the famous ones always seem to have a devastatingly sad ending (raise the red lantern etc) but for beautiful costumes I can push through haha

    Thanks for the giveaway :) followed you via Facebook

  3. I'll try to watch the movie later this evening, it sounds so interesting! I would love to watch more Chinese films, so I think that would be a good start.

    Thank you for this giveaway, I follow on bloglovin, and you can contact me via twitter @tinyangrycrafts


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