Featured-In/Qipao Love: Part 21~ My Vintage Wardrobe...on UK fashion website My Daily!

My Vintage 1950s maroon high collared Cheongsam.....
Imagine being asked by a UK fashion website to be part of their Vintage interview feature? Happily estatic of course! Many of the big names in the UK vintage circle; including vintage repoduction designers such as Tara Starlet and other vintage experts, have been featured in My Daily's vintage section. From several lovely exchanges of emails with insightful writer Jen Barton to meeting award winning photographer Sarah Lucy Brown for the photoshoot has been a rather wonderous journey...one like in a day dream except without detailed thinking process, but more of a ok, get up and go sort of thing. Most importantly I was able to spread word about the Qipao and try to bridge a tiny inch of the under-represented Asian Vintage fanatic picture in the mainstream Vintage face of UK and globally. Vintage existed in styles of each daily wardrobe of women across Asia and South East Asia since the early days when it became possible to travel to other countries by ship or buy imports, but today not many are seen with vintage styles in Asia and Asian vintage lovers are not often seen under the limelight of the vintage circle. Yet the beautiful Cheongsam or Qipao only makes a vivied appearance within the duration of Chinese New Year in Asian countries, as it is no longer seen acceptable or normal to wear the Qipao day to day. Question is why?

[Read my top Vintage and Qipao tips, as well as see the lovely photos on: 

In a Vintage 1950s orange patterned Qipao brought back from Canada by my dear friend Rachael!

In a modern black silk and hand embroidered peacock midi Qipao by The Happy Cheongsam (Singapore).

Hearing concerns from women across the globe about their fear of wearing the Qipao has fused me with continued effort to write about the Qipao (Cheongsam) and address these concerns....from 'How to choose a Qipao right for you' to the Qipao History and a whole series dedicated to Qipao Love and Qipao LoveRs. But it didn't stop there, continuing the journey to Cheongsam Reviews of trusted quality Chinese dresses, interviews and features from online magazines to website and even radio. The main message; "Wear the Qipao or Cheongsam with love and confidence", so here in 2015 the new idea of #CheongsamConfidence. To help all you darlings who have been in love with the Qipao but fear wearing it or not found the right one, I have created a first 'How-To' Style Solution video (below) and will be picking different Cheongsam or Qipao dresses from Online stores to feature on the Walking in May Facebook page! So here's my first Qipao Love Style Solution video addressing your body problem areas such as wide shoulders, hips and bottom:

Infographic (below) from Common Sense Media:
Infographic from non-profit Common Sense Media
Source: www.commonsensemedia.org/children-teens-body-image-media-infographic

With a few useful tips and sources of where to find your ideal Cheongsam this Chinese New Year, take a step towards having body as well as #CheongsamConfidence by joining us on 20th February 2015 either on Twitter or Facebook. It is really disheartening to discover that over half of the 8 year old girls today want thinner bodies (MyDaily) from a recent report by non-profit organisation Common Sense Media, and I really hope my little efforts will be able to help step towards a more body confident as well as cultural loving society. Passing on the torch to you darlings, I look forward to seeing all of you beautifully proud to be YOU on that day....now to prepare for the Zen Yoga class I am teaching tonight, think about the next Cheongsam Tea in Singapore during March 2015, plan the next Qipao LoveR and Chinese New year Wishlist posts. Have a fabulous mid-week darlings!

Until the next time,
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