Welcome back to 'Walking in May'...

Welcome back to 'Walking in May' once again....and Happy New Year 2019! It has been a long break indeed and so so much has happened, but all in good time.

For those who are new or who have just treaded on to this page by magical coincidence....'Walking in May' is actually a personal blog that began with a travel post on 13th December 2010 as means to voice a simple opinion, and gradually grew into avenues of Vintage style, Qipao (Cheongsam or Chinese dress), beauty, lifestyle and then yoga. Through changes in my path of going from an Executive Assistant in a city IT firm to a freelancing Zen Yoga Teacher, I discovered a disparity that I was unable to bridge in my blog as well as life.

My lifestyle, focus and schedule had completely changed. Writing about dressing up in Vintage style and the Qipao to attend tea parties no longer resonated, and more diminishing was to discover that friends as well as blog followers seemed to be only interested in what I was wearing in a post rather than what I had to say. Google rankings only saw me relevant to the Qipao (Cheongsam), and some readers started writing to ask about how I dress in my daily life.....it felt like something was terribly wrong. All my research, learning and sharing about the history, artistry and significance of the Qipao was lost no matter how many long blog posts I was writing. So I took a break from writing in 2016 and started focusing on the deep inner work I had to do for myself.

Now fast-forward into 2019....I am finally ready to write again. I learnt along the way that life often has a lot to do with letting go of things, and facing your shadows, to allow yourself to walk forward in your path. I still love the Qipao (Cheongsam) very much of course, continued to grow my collection as well as wear them to special occasions, and would sporadically answer a few emails from those about the Qipao. But there is so much more in my life today than just that....as 'Life is a continued journey to wholeness'.

So let me share with you not only my knowledge of the Qipao (Cheongsam), but what I have learnt from my wellbeing work as a Zen Yoga Teacher, Vibroacoustic Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Womens Circle Guide that led me to be known as a 'Spiritual Trainer'.....as well as the many mystical and ordinary happenings throughout the dance of life from my perspective as a practising Vajrayana Buddhist of over 21 years now.

May you continue to walk a path of auspiciousness and light no matter what you seek,
May you always be free of suffering throughout the dance of life!

With Loving Kindness,

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