Walking "Divinely" in May...

Hello friends,

Welcome to "Walking Divinely in May"! It has been a long while since you have heard from me, and I am back with some transformations. I hope you have all been keeping well during this turbulent and unusual global pandemic.

Thank you for being kindly patient. Though I attempted to start writing again in the beginning of 2019, fate had stopped me in my tracks with the unexpected passing of my father. Hence began a year of grieving, learning and changing. But one thing I am certain of through all of it is that, I was truly taken care of by the Divine in miraculous synchronicities that just happened to appear at the right time. 

In 2018 I was already qualified and worked in healing complimentary therapies as an Usui Reiki Practitioner, as well as Vibroacoustic Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage therapist. Later I was guided to deepen my learning and open up more to energy healing through a modern type of Reiki known as Rainbow Reiki, but the nearest course available happened to be in a small town in Germany. So towards the end of 2018 I booked my flights, hotel and the Rainbow Reiki course for the end of March 2019. I also booked flights to do a special trip near Chinese New Year to attend a prayer ceremony my Guru was hosting in Taiwan, then venture on to Singapore to visit my sister and finally to Malaysia to visit my father as well as other family members.

One week before I was due to fly out to South East Asia, I was unexpectedly informed that my father was terminally ill in Malaysia. Strangely even before knowing about my father's condition, the trip was planned and organised to a perfect timing that allowed me to be in the right place at the right time. I was able to begin the year with a mass Chinese New Year prayer ceremony attended by hundreds of thousands of people, and was even lucky enough to be able to request my Guru to bless my father's photo. The day before we were due to leave Taiwan I was informed my father's condition had become critical. So I ventured to Singapore only to drop off my large suitcase into my brother-in-law's car sitting in the airport parking lot and boarded the next plane to Malaysia with my sister, literally going from plane to plane in that one morning. 

Not knowing how serious my father's condition was, but somehow ending up in Malaysia at that time actually enabled me to spend the last leg of my father's journey with him...leaving both myself and my father with the opportunity to say goodbye and not hold regrets during this lifetime. When my father's condition worsened, I then realised that it was to be a blessing of both compassion and forgiveness. Not having grown up with him, my contact with my father has been sporadic and limited throughout the years. It felt like the Divine was nudging me that it was time to make peace with the past and heal. My trip in Malaysia was extended and we took turns to stand by his bedside speaking to him everyday. My father passed in early March 2019. 

Strangely by the time I flew back to London, I had a few days to adjust and repack for my flight to Germany to attend the Rainbow Reiki Practitioner course. Besides learning new Reiki healing techniques, it became a time for focusing on healing myself as well as the my past. To me, healers are healers because they not only help in guiding the healing process of others, but they learn about healing themselves through the process of another's healing. Our world is often like a big reflective mirror that can reminds us of the process or happenings within us, and because suffering exists in our world, almost every single living being is in need of some form of healing.

From scientific studies that show trees demonstrating pain through frequencies emitted when chopped, plants dying from being hurled with negative verbal abuse daily, or water retaining information in its molecules....we know there are signs of life and suffering even without us realising it. The world we live in transforms moment to moment, in the one breath between life and death. Astounding and enchanting at the same time....should you have the moment to be still and listen. Though for each of us the journey of life may be different, but we share crossroads in our moments of happiness, sadness, peace, anger, beauty, ugliness, bliss, pain, love or hatred....when we recognise in honesty the quality we are passing through, we are then able to recognise who we are in that moment. It is an acknowledgement, learning and journey of truth, rather than a definition. Because the moment is only a moment. When we know who we are in that moment, can we then have the clarity to see where our next step will take us.   

There is a Chinese saying that goes along the lines of....'misfortune and happiness happens to walk hand in hand'. Sometimes it could be a matter of perception, whilst other times it can be a lesson of endurance before life surprises us with a rainbow. Since starting this blog 'Walking in May' about 10 years ago, it is finally transforming into "Walking Divinely in May" through a coincidence that seems perfectly timed. I was divinely guided to start writing my blog again but was advised to go back to having it on a customised domain, as I had stopped renewing the walkinginmay.com domain some time ago. Thinking it was a simple few clicks of a button to reinstate my domain, I casually went on my blogspot blog to find that my blog had been automatically directed to a betting website in Asia! 

Probably because my blog used to end up on the first few pages of Google's search engine, or maybe someone somehow saw value in doing so. It seemed my walkinginmay.com domain name was bought by someone else to drive traffic to their website...which made me chuckle with surprise and amusement. Imagine all those who search the Qipao or Cheongsam on Google to find my blog, or those who have been following my blog for years being sent to a betting site instead....so it turns out I did need a new custom domain after all. As with everything in life, one could choose to be angry about it or chose to see it as a blessing instead. After all the customised address and 'Walking In May' name did represent my many years of writing, so almost like a brand that I had built for years to represent me and all that I experienced as well as loved. But I decided it was time to take it as an opportunity for transformation. Taking a gamble...please excuse the pun...in a flash of inspiration I added the word 'Divinely' to the custom domain registration, and hence transformed my long standing blog into: www.walkingdivinelyinmay.com 

Once the new domain registration completed, I got up intending to go to make a cup of tea, but as I looked up into the cloudy grey London sky, I suddenly saw a strikingly large Double Rainbow appear right before my eyes. Stunned by its presence, I smiled and watched the rainbow as I listened to this beautiful version of the magical song 'Big Fish' (video below) playing in the background. In Vajrayana Buddhism the rainbow is a revered symbol of auspiciousness, whilst on a personal level it also means hope and Divine love to me. It reminded me that...when you choose to follow the sky, you can never be truly lost. 

So here's to a beautiful and auspicious surprise! May you be safe and well no matter where you happen to be in the world, or which moment of life you happen to be passing through. Remember to look up to the sky friends...

In loving Kindness,

May ♥ 

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2nd November 2020, London