Week 3: Creating Space..... [7 Week Self-Love Party]


The first two weeks of the ‘Self-Love Party’ has been about uncovering ideas, exploring curiosities and appreciating wonders held by our Inner Child Self. It was the first step of inviting our Inner Child to come out to play and allowing creativity as well as joy to flow. In week 3 we will look at how we can make space for your Inner Child to learn, grow and heal. To do this we will need to create some space between the Negative Self-Talk in our mind and the habitual behaviour we carry out, so that we can choose a different way of thinking and acting. Because our habitual behaviour is often an automated reaction to what happens around us or to us, based on our past survival mechanisms and trauma responses. For example seeking comfort in certain foods when we felt restless, ignored or uncomfortable as a child can become emotional eating to comfort ourselves when we are triggered as adults. So what has worked to help us feel safe as children might no longer be helpful or healthy as we navigate life as adults.

As in the laws of nature, where the seed of causation is planted, the fruit of outcome will grow from it. You can't plant an apple seed and expect it to grow into raspberries, that's why it is important to explore the root of the issue in order to heal it or choose a different outcome. Besides the practice of questioning our automatic thoughts, assumptions, beliefs or behaviours to create a pause, it is also about creating a supportive environment to make it easier for us to choose a different reality. How can you best help yourself?

Therefore the task of Week 3 is to investigate how you currently live your life, what areas of your lifestyle, surrounding social groups or environment that makes it harder for you to live in wonder and joy. Complete the table (photo below) in your journal to start investigating through the following areas:

  • Negative Self-Talk (Pattern of Self-Criticism that often appears)
  • Roots (Who does this negative self-talk or pattern of thought sound like?)
  • How to release self-judgement and make Space? (How can you be more compassionate and supportive of yourself?)
  • Examples have been given to help you start exploring. Although you cannot change your past, but you can decide how you would like to work with it to shape your future. 

    Feel free to comment on how you feel, how your journey with your Inner Child is going or ask any questions. Happy exploring....see you in Week 4!

    Until the next time,
     May  ❤