Week 5: What do you need? [7 Week Self-Love Party]

What was your favourite game at playtime when you were a child? With the responsibilities of being an adult and striving for survival in daily life, most of us have learnt to put our child-like hearts and innocence aside. Growing up and becoming an adult takes priority as play, fun and joy can be put aside. We forget that children are still children no matter how hard they pretend to be grown up. Often choosing others over ourselves, forming a habit of self-abandonment or self-neglect. Hence it is important to remember that; we are all equal in the face of our traumas. No matter who we are, what we own or what status we might have in life, we will still be impacted by our traumas and no one will come out unscratched. 

❤ In week 5 it is time to explore some of the needs that have been put aside or habitually kept unmet for the sake of survival, people pleasing, craving for love, battering our own self-worth and so on. Each reason is valid and important as it forms our experience of life and part of why we become who we are. As explained in week 4 (What is Self-Love?), to love yourself is not to reject who you are and become selfish, but it is a journey of developing a better and more loving bond as well as relationship with yourself. This is a continued self-stewardship relationship where you take turns to be both your 'own best friend' as well as your 'own inner good and loving parent'. In order to play these roles you must first understand what your Inner Child is deeply craving and need....so let's play a game of hide and seek to uncover your unmet needs!

💭 Task: Take a minute to close your eyes and focus on your breath, then look at the word search grid (photo) to select 5 words that jump out at you. Write the words and the question 'What do you need?' in your journal, then follow your intuition to jot down whatever that comes to you. If you feel stuck or at a blank, then exploring the following questions will help:

  • What emotion or physical sensation does the word evoke within you and why? Feel free to write a detailed description, breathe and remember that it is okay to feel how you do. 
  • What person, place, object or memory comes to mind when you focus on the word? How might it be linked to your childhood or your Inner Child Self? 
  • How is the word linked to what you feel you lack in your adult life? 
  • Have you been recently triggered by an incident that is linked to the word and why?
  • How can you use the meaning from the word to create more love, compassion, respect, acceptance and care towards yourself? 
For example if you see the word protection, maybe it is a cue to explore your fears and how to practice your boundaries, etc. Try to be as open and honest with yourself as you can. Remind yourself that your traumas, experience, personality, environment, family, friends and encounters are unique to you, so how you feel is valid. Feelings or emotions are not only messengers to help us transform our journey, they are also communication clues from your Inner Child who is reaching out for help from you. 

When you have completed the task for this week, celebrate yourself with a positive affirmation, enjoyable experience or simply doing what you love. The wonder of being a child is the ability to do something out of pure joy or love. May you have a wonderful week ahead...and see you in week 6!

Until the next time,

May ❤