Week 6: Self-Belief Poster [7 Week Self-Love Party]

💥 Like a chain reaction, our False Beliefs when triggered by a situation, event or incident, will cause our thoughts and emotions to affect each other to create an instinctive reaction. For example, when we feel down, depressed or in a low mood we are more likely to circulate in negative thoughts, then project those thoughts or feelings in our reaction. In a similar way, when we have negative thoughts circulating in our mind, we are more likely to feel depressed, sad or in a low mood...so if we encounter a triggering incident, event or situation at this time we are likely to react based on how we think and feel (refer to the process in photo below). Imagine how you will react if someone criticises you harshly when you are feeling depressed or thinking negatively?

💬 Therefore in Week 6 we will revisit some of the Negative Self-Talk that you explored (during Week 3: Creating Space), to uncover your False Beliefs and create a Self-Belief Poster! Here's how we will do it:

  1. In your journal, write a list of Negative Self-Talk that you often have (feel free to refer to the task during Week 3) and brainstorm some ideas on your False Beliefs. For example:
    • Negative Self-Talk: I'm so stupid
    • False Belief: I'm not intelligent enough and can't do anything right, or I always fail at everything.
    • Roots or who it sounds like: My father
    • Impact or Shadow Self Reaction: Sees the whole day as negative and depressing, or projects a negative outcome for the situation.
    • How can you make peace with it: I don't need to be perfect and I can learn from every experience - Strive for learning and progress, not perfection - I define success as contentment and I am grateful for all the gifts I have - I am enough.
2. Challenge the False Belief; How is it Not true? Explore examples of when you have proven the False Belief wrong and list them. 

3. Transform the False Belief into a new Self-Belief! Consider who you dreamed of becoming as a child, or what life you would like to have? What ethical values do you appreciate or believe in most? What is most loving towards yourself in belief, personality, self-talk, self-worth and self-compassion? Write a new Self-Belief for each Negative Self-Talk, then create a poster with it. Feel free to draw, doodle, paint, sew, decorate with stickers, washi tape, magazine pictures, old photos or even attach your Self-Love Mascot (from Week 4: What is Self-Love?) on the poster.

4. Display your Self-Belief Poster on a mirror you will use everyday, so that you can read the new Self-Belief statements to yourself and be reminded of it as you begin your day....cheer leading your Inner Child and adult Self. You can even take a photo to share it with a friend or on social media.

💋 As you practice these new Self-Beliefs in your daily life, you begin to create a different environment more conductive to practising Self-Love. Next week will be the final party, where we will try to meet your Inner Child Self in a guided meditation. So stay tuned for Week 7!

Until the next time,
May ❤